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“Eurovision” -2016: How Politics won music – to Pravda.Ru

The Federation Council is not sure – if Russia stands in next year’s general take part in the Ukrainian stage of the contest “Eurovision”

This opinion was expressed by Franz Klintsevich.. “If Ukraine will not change anything (for the next year – Ed.), I do not think we need all this part”, – he told reporters the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security of the Federation Council

As we remember. today late at night were announced the results of the international song contest “Eurovision” in Stockholm, won by the Ukrainian singer Jamala with the song “1944″. In second place was a Korean Demi They are from Australia, and represents in the “You are the only one” contest Sergey Lazarev Russia with the song was in third place

According to Klintsevich, winning the Ukrainian singer contest suggests, that politics took precedence over art. This is a very alarming signal, the questioning of the further fate of the competition, believes Senator.

“In the future, the” Eurovision “will be held in Kiev, and the organizers will creep out of their way to make the most politicized it, turning it into a democratic celebration on . -Ukrainian not rule out that the scene can even be installed on the Maidan, “- he said,

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The deputy chairman of the Duma committee on culture Elena Drapeko in an interview with Tass said that the Ukrainian actress beautiful voice and remarkable performance. “But I think this is not the song that will sing the young, who will listen to over and over again,” – said it


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However, the political bias of the results of voting and said Elena Drapeko calling Jamala victory and third place Sergey Lazarev unfair decision. However, she believes that Russia should continue to participate in “Eurovision” in connection with the performance of a good musician. “This is partly a result of the advocacy of the information war being waged against Russia. We are talking about the overall demonization of the country – that we are all bad, that athletes have doping, our planes violate the air space”, – added Drapeko.

and remained satisfied by the competition, and its dramatic finale organizers of “Eurovision”, as stated by the chief producer of the show in Stockholm Christer Bjorkman. This ending – I could not himself invent something better! As for example, with Poland, which had 7 points, and then she stood up. Or sit for half an hour and be sure that Australia will win, and then this happens. In terms of drama – it is better and it could not be “- quoted him as saying TASS

.” Brilliant victory “was enthusiastically received in Ukraine itself, which is understandable is not clear why the first place Jamala immediately given. an occasion for some political figures to correlate this event with the dream of “return of the Crimea.” for example, the ex-prime Yatsenyuk said that “now the Crimea comes back”, and the mufti of the Spiritual Administration of the Ukrainian Muslims so all dreaming, saying that the “next” Eurovision ” Now we hold in the Ukrainian Crimea. Hopefully, the Supreme Commander realized. “The last phrase is addressed, of course, President Poroshenko that has its” take to the execution “.


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the impression of the users of social networks and readers of various world media were far less positive Many outraged the new voting system in the competition, which they count to the political representation of If.. judging by the results of the audience voting, the leader of the audience sympathy was exactly Sergey Lazarev, who was to become the winner of “Eurovision” -2016. But when the politicians say, the muse must be silent.

The fact that the competition will policy in the first place, it was clear long before the contest. this is evidenced by the very fact that Jamala song was generally allowed to participate in “Eurovision”. After all, one of the main condition for it – the lack of even any political motives in the compositions of the participants. That is why at the time were not able to take part in the competition, representatives of Georgia in 2009 and later the representatives of Armenia, who would like to sing a song about the genocide in Turkey.

However, something happened with the musical competition, and was a political show Ukrainian singer was demonstrated in Stockholm. By the way, shortly before the Guardian edition of the Contest published material where the photo Jamala placed with a meaningful caption: “Do you hear, Mr. Putin?”

frankly admit changes in competition and the German publication Spiegel, published material “Eurovision is politicized. , and this is good”. “International competition in such stressful times can not be apolitical,” – writes the author of publications. True, he notes: “The audience’s choice reflecting the desire for reconciliation: Ukrainians voted for the Russian song, and the Russians – for the Ukrainian”

So, despite the fact that the professional international jury set a performance of Sergei Lazarev. only on the fifth place, putting only 130 points, while Jamal, they noted 211 points, viewers thought otherwise. Our artist are awarded 361 points and Ukraine – 323. At the same time Ukrainian viewers appreciated Sergey Lazarev song in 10 points, and this is quite a good result

According to the most Lazarev such voting results gave finally understand viewers. it depends not only on them. “At this time, a striking difference between the way the votes of the jury and how to vote the audience. Many countries gave us a score of zero, but we were the favorites of the press, at the rates in iTunes, and many do not even doubt it. Although I last spoke:” guys, do not know anything yet. All decide the jury and audience voting “, – he said in an interview with Life

This is clearly confirmed by the summary table

  • Serbia.. The jury – 1 point, the people – 12 points

  • Moldova: Jury – 7 people – 12 points

  • Slovenia jury – 0 points, the people – 10 points

  • Estonia jury – 0 points, the people – 12 points

  • Bulgaria: Jury – 6 points, the people – 12 points

  • Ukraine: the jury – 0 points, the people – 12 points

  • Hungary: Jury – 0 points, the people – 10 points

  • Czech Republic: jury – 0 points, the people – 10 points

  • Germany Jury -0 points people – 12 points
  • .

“For me, of course, it was a surprise that some countries boycotted the voting jury Again, the audience -. These are the people for whom we make music And they gave us the first place.” – Says Lazarev .

in conclusion, we recall that the Ukrainian winner of “Eurovision” has received a ticket to the big bandstand or gde-nibud, and at the International competition of young singers “New wave” in the summer of 2009, which in Jurmala for many years Russian organized. It was this victory Jamala and marked a turning point in her musical career.

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