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“You can not strangle cinemas” – News

Photo: TASS / Mikhail Pochuev

The news about the support of the Russian Ministry of culture cinema offers agitated cinematic community. Although the document in the full version has not been published, representatives of the Ministry of Culture confirmed his presence

This is an increase in the share of Russian cinema in the Russian box office:. Today it is 18-20%, and Vladimir Medina repeatedly expressed desire to 50 %. It is now proposed to introduce an additional three-percent tax on cinemas and half-point – in the online movie theaters. According to the Ministry of Culture estimates that it will bring a year of 3-4 billion rubles, which can be embedded in the film industry.

Kinoosoobschestvo relates to such an initiative with skepticism. Thus, producer Sergey Selyanov believes that additional tax may lead to the closure of a number of cinemas, what producers are categorically not interested

-. Not bad to get additional funds for production, but not at the same time stifle cinemas – said Selyanov. – Where are we going to show this movie, if the number of sites reduced?

Selyanov also said that the document with the film industry has not been discussed.

– Perhaps, this document has not yet been worked out, – said, Selyanov. – However, we strongly welcome the additional burden on the cinemas.

The outlined at the beginning of the year downward trend persists cinema attendance: according to “Profisinema” drop box office for the first 11 weekends in 2016 was at approximately 5.5% compared with the period last year.

Director-General of the network of cinemas “Teterin film” Oleg Teterin believes that the introduction of additional tax will be rational only if the percentage change of division of profit between the distributor and the theater, which now stands at 50:50.

– pay an additional 3% surcharge is unprofitable, – said Teterin. – In addition, the Ministry of Culture intends to introduce and the tax on foreign films in cinemas in Russia. Please enter, but reconsider the practice of dividing 50:50

Teterin cites the example of the universal principle, when in the first week of hire 50% of the profit goes distributor, and the second -. 40% longer. According Teterin, if you change the existing practice, the introduction of additional tax would be less painful for cinemas. Although the impact on prices

-. Colleagues believe that additional interest will shift to the viewer and increase in the average ticket price will be insignificant, but I do not agree – Teterin said. – In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the increase in ticket prices, the average price is about 270 rubles, will not be noticeable. But in the regions, where it ranges from 99 to 199 rubles, any mark-up is critical. And widespread decline cinema attendance continued

According to Teterina not justified, and the main purpose of the introduction of additional tax -. Injection of new funds into the production of domestic films. According to him, until it will improve the high box office receipts of Russian films supported by the Fund for the movie, it makes no sense to increase the state support fund, which in 2016 amounted to 5 billion rubles

-. If the fund increase, the funds will be shared by leading companies and will remove another 10 films, only one of which will be cash and failures will be written off at a competitive presence of foreign films – said Teterin. – It is better to invest in rental in towns where there is still no cinemas

Earlier it was reported that for the year to the new cinemas Ministry of Culture plans to spend about 2.2 billion rubles, and 400 open. halls

-… Open in our country 4 thousand rooms, and “crew”, which is 2.5 thousand rooms gathered 1 billion rubles would collect 2 billion – at the expense of the new audience, devoid of cinema today – said Teterin. – If money were given on a returnable basis, Cinema Fund would get back their 5 billion and would reinvest them, leaving the rest of the audience – a premium for tickets and cinemas, with taxes on the western cinema.

In the segment of online cinema tends to increase viewership, but the general director of online cinema TVzavr Marina Surygina believes that these measures do not help the development of the industry

-. The Russian online cinema pay royalties and interest holders popularize Russian cinema, – said Surygina. – Online video industry is young, business profitability is minimal, the market is in a stage of development. Such a measure could ruin the market.

The question of where to get the money for the film industry, has long concerned officials. In February of this year, Vladimir Medina proposed to introduce an additional tax on the TV, so that each of them listed a portion of the proceeds for the development of Russian cinema. Initiative one audio channel was not supported.

Earlier, the minister proposed to introduce a quota system, undertakes cinemas prefer foreign national cinema, but the film industry responded negatively, and quotas have not yet entered.

However, the Ministry of Culture was able to achieve results in the other. Already since June 2, 2016 will come into force new rules of cinematic – the government approved updated rules for issuing, refusing to issue and revoke certificates for rolling films and rules of the state register of the film. According to them, the Ministry of Culture is entitled to adjust the schedule of releases and transfer premiere of certain paintings.

In addition, as part of Russia cinemafication small towns program share of Russian movies in each of the reformatted or built anew on the budget money cinemas will be at least 50%.


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