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Legendary Bob Dylan turned 75 years (VIDEO) – Economic News

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 Culture News, 24.05.2016

Bob Dylan – 75. In connection with the anniversary, I suddenly thought – whether for 75, as it should be for such a venerable age, or just 75.

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Dylan as rock Methuselah seems to have always been. Back in the early ’60s, before his world fame Beatles learned from him to write songs for them, he was distant and unattainable American god, informs news.eizvestia.com.

They reverently met with him during his first US tour in February 1964, and he immediately opened his “doors of perception”, to join the naive Liverpool guys to unknown to them until then marijuana.

Even the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley with devout reverence belonged to Dylan and recorded a few songs of the great rock troubadour.

But Dylan younger and John Lennon and Ringo Starr, not to mention Presley.

Creator legend

I must say that their image legend he skillfully cultivated, and from the very beginning of his career. Coming from a fairly simple, but at the same time, the bourgeois-prosperous family of small Jewish merchant in a small provincial town in Minnesota, he was hitting a 19-year-old in New York, assured the owners and patrons folk clubs in Greenwich Village in his romantically vagabond pedigree of friendship with the outcasts, criminals and folk singers

At the same time, he tried to emulate his idol -. Woody Guthrie, the legendary folk singer, left the flag, folk American 40-50-ies and . author of the anthem of the left movement This Land Is My Land

However, even then Robert Zimmerman made a curtsy in the direction of European culture. Which became known to the whole world his artistic name he borrowed from the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Thomas, however, was not the sublime poet. The drunkard and womanizer, he scandalize America early 50′s, and has died in New York in 1953, before the age of 40 years, but before he could make a huge impact on the impressionable teenager from Minnesota.

Protest against the Procrustean bed

In New York, the early ’60s folk scene, recovering from a nightmare of McCarthyism again proudly raised the banner of the left, socialist ideas. Dylan first played in the overall game together with Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, the trio “Peter, Paul and Mary” willingly agree with the title of the author of “protest songs».

However, to squeeze into the Procrustean bed of a single ideology, as well as a musical style he strongly wanted. In 1965, at the Folk Festival in Newport, he hath shaken the folk audience his electric band.

According to the shocks and the impact on the entire subsequent history of rock ‘n’ roll is a short performance equates to a punk revolution Sex Pistols . According to legend, the enraged Pete Seeger either caught, or intended to grab the ax to cut the wire to the electric guitar Dylan and his musicians. After six months on tour in England, he from the audience shouted “Judas!” – A departure from the ideals of acoustic, clean, left-folk saw as a betrayal, as the apostasy

Never-ending update

Since then, Dylan has gone through many phases, the set periods. He was in retreat, then turned to Christianity. He was hiding from fans for decades did not give interviews.

He went on recognition of their biggest hits. On the one hand, he played like they live their “never-ending tour” – so dubbed began in 1988 and continues to tour to this day. But takes a deliberately so that they learn, they sing along at concerts impossible. “Open your ears, listen to songs in a new way” – as if he tells his fans

The constant inconstancy, the pursuit of endless renewal -. Its main feature. Yes, over the years, changing appearance. Instead, a young hipster with a mop of curly hair is now Dylan – wise decades old, the remaining hair is covered with a cowboy hat

Changed and voice. Instead of high, slightly nasal falsetto – low, almost an old man, almost a wheeze. For this wheeze – the sadness and melancholy of a time gone mad. Time Out of Mind – First released in 1997, with the new Dylan album, hoarse voice

This diversity Dylan -. Its main feature. Not by chance and brilliant directorial turn, invented by director Todd Haynes for a biopic about Dylan, “I’m Not There.” The role of the singer in the film performed by five actors, including (!) – A black boy and a woman (!) (!) – Cate Blanchett

Riddles and clues


About Dylan written hundreds of books, dozens of movies filmed, including thorough, three and a half hours of tape of Martin Scorsese. Moreover, he even wrote an autobiography, “Chronicles.” The first volume of her came back in 2004. Two more are expected. Let’s wait there?

Still, it remains a mystery. Truly, “I’m Not There.” Incomprehensibility of many of his songs – is only the magic of poetry and magic voice. What is behind the Visions of Johanna, Highway 61 Revisited, Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again or Desolation Row? Answers to these questions are looking for fans for decades.

I guess he did not need this answer. Magic enough -. And millions of fans, and even the Nobel committee to seriously consider awarding a rock singer’s main literary award planet

However, in recent years, Dylan not only sets the puzzles as gives a clue. Most of his new album – do not own material and covers. Covers traditional American music – from country to Frank Sinatra and Broadway evergreens. It turns out that in this, in a deep, radical tradition in the most simple, the most popular folk song – the roots of the great mystic

In the USSR, Dylan knew and understood little offensively.. More precisely know everything, but understand very little. In the Soviet Union behind it was fixed the title of the progressive folk-singer, the author of “protest songs” – a label that he can not stand, and decades of fighting this imposed his way

Raised or a melodic Beatles, either. furious energy hard rockers and metalheads Soviet rock fans puzzled trying to listen to at first glance somewhat monotonous flow of Dylan’s songs. Even knowing English is difficult “cut in” in its imagery. Drinking it was akin to respect, say, Joyce “Ulysses” – everyone knows everyone respectfully clicked his tongue: “Yes, cool!”, But read very few people managed to

It is no accident, it rare. (incredibly rare for a star of this magnitude) appears in the “Soviet” land of recall rather awkwardly and embarrassment than with joy. In predperestroechnom 1985 Andrei Voznesensky and Yevgeny Yevtushenko – poets, whose American fame in the early 60s coincided with the rise Dylan invited him and Allen Ginsberg on the evening of world poetry in Luzhniki dedicated to the start of the International Festival of Youth and Students. Alas, poets miscalculated. Stadionnaya poetry time long past, and they, along with them, and were stunned by Dylan before a half-empty hall – this is nowhere and never was with him

Still, the thread that unites Dylan with the USSR is.. And it’s not that the ancestors of Robert Zimmerman arrived in Minnesota, where he was born 75 years ago from Odessa.

The fact is that in the mid-70s, two Leningrad boys Boris Grebenshchikov and Mike Naumenko, contrary to everyone’s confusion, yet “kerf” in Dylan, were able to understand it mixed with the American tradition of poetic imagery, it could digest his Russian consciousness and created a Russian rock poetry. Music “district city N».

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