Friday, May 20, 2016

CNN has learned about the signal of smoke pollution on board the A320 «for a minute” before the fall – RBC

Airbus A320 aircraft airline EgyptAir. Archival footage

Photo: Kevin Cleynhens / AP

«For the moment” to A320 fall on the night of May 19 in the plane load alarm due to smoke, CNN reported, citing the screenshot from the address-reporting of aviation communications systems (ACARS)

in the A320 aircraft companies on EgyptAir, which crashed in the night of May 19, but minutes before the fall triggered alarm due to smoke, CNN reported, citing the screenshot from the address-reporting of aviation communications systems (ACARS), which received a TV channel via the Egyptian source. The time stamp on the screenshot “approximately” coincides with the time when the plane disappeared from radar, CNN said.

At the same time, the US official described the CNN data as “unconfirmed rumors”, writes Reuters

ACARS -. Data exchange system between the aircraft and ground stations

The Airbus A320 flying from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens at 03:39 MSK near Kassosa and Karpathos – Greek islands, located to the east of Crete

on board the ship were 66 passengers. – 30 Egyptian citizens, 15 French and citizens of other countries. Russians were not among them.

The last time the plane made contact two minutes after he left the airspace of Greece and entered the airspace of Egypt. The Ministry of Defense of Greece reported that before disappearing from the radar aircraft made a series of sharp maneuvers, including a turn of 360 degrees.

On Friday morning, the Egyptian authorities reported finding about 290 km north of Alexandria, body fragment, seats and luggage of passengers of the missing plane. Also on May 20 of the European Space Agency announced that their satellite discovered an oil slick in the part of the Mediterranean Sea, where, presumably, the plane fell.

May 19 the director of the Federal Security Service of Russia Alexander Bortnikov said the crash may be linked to terrorist attack . Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt Sherif Fathi also told reporters that the version of the attack looks more convincing than the possibility of technical problems. He noted that he came to this conclusion “on the basis of the information received and our own experience».

Later, however, to Reuters, citing sources in several US departments reported that analysis of images taken by American satellites until confirms the version of the explosion on board the plane.

agency interlocutors explained that this conclusion is the result of a preliminary study of satellite images. According to them, at the moment the US authorities do not rule out any possible causes of the crash, including mechanical damage, act of terrorism, or deliberate actions of the pilot and crew.


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