Friday, May 20, 2016

Novak: energy in the Crimea is fully restored – TASS

SOCHI, May 20 / TASS /. Power supply in the Crimea completely restored, told reporters Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak

“All lines included, electricity is fully restored,” -. He said,

Earlier it was reported that several. Crimea areas are de-energized, including including Simferopol, Alushta, Yalta, northern and western areas of the peninsula, as well as Sevastopol 13:15 MSK.

According to the minister, it was disconnected substation Kafa and Simferopol. At the same time this trip was not related to the energy bridge, laid on the bottom of the Kerch Strait

“In the near future the situation will be clear No emergency apparently not observed, -.. Said Novak -. We have at this moment energy bridge provided almost all the Crimean federal District, consumption was 700 MW, mobile power station did not work as we planned from the moment you enter the energy bridge, “- he said,

The Minister said that the analysis of the causes of tripping.. Of the 700 MW of consumption was lost 500 MW. Interruptions with the light lasted about half an hour. “It was possible as soon as possible to resume the power supply, however, it is necessary in the near future to draw conclusions that this situation is not repeated,” – Novak said

“Unfortunately, such a situation can not be excluded in the framework of works of repair. such situations happen all this should be treated calmly, “-. the minister said. According to him, Crimea power supply circuit will be more reliable after entering all teploelekstrostantsy under construction.

As specified Fuel and Energy Minister of the Crimea Svetlana Borodulin, the outage was due to the fact that CHP triggered emergency control. “We understand that there have been some changes to the system configuration Recently, some work has been done now come to an end somewhere repairs why there was such a situation…”, – Said Borodulin

The message “KrymTETs”.

The press service of “KrymTETs” Tass reported that the automatic shut off of the Crimean turbine combined heat and power (CHP) due to a failure in the power system, and then a few cities were de-energized. “In connection with the failure in the Crimean power system worked emergency protective equipment, which costs all purposes, not to the equipment was seriously damaged Therefore, generation capacity has declined at the stations.”, – The press-service of the

Now the power. gradually recovered, said the press service. The reason for failure is not yet known.

This is the reason for disconnection also named governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo. “While previously it worked somewhere protection, protection equipment on one or two lines No incidents have been.” – He said on the air of Life. According Menyailo situation full-time, “we even such training is carried out, before the blackout was carried out on a monthly basis”.

The energy bridge to the Crimea

The project to build an energy bridge involved the construction of several power lines in order to bind Rostov NPP with the main areas of the Crimea. December 2, 2015 the launch of the first line, and on 11 May was commissioned in the second stage (fourth string) energy bridge from the Krasnodar region.

It is possible to increase the total flow of the unified energy system of Russia up to 800 MW at the Peninsula needs about 1350 MW. Others provide own generation.

Now the Crimean Federal District Simferopol operate, Reed-Burunsky, Sevastopol Saki and CHP. Their total installed capacity – 165 MW. Solar and wind generation into the grid give the peninsula a total of about 362 MW. The construction of two new power base near Simferopol and Sevastopol with a total capacity of 940 MW. Implementation date – March 2018.

Cancel Emergency Mode

May 18 in the Crimea abolished the state of emergency, in force for almost six months because of the energy shortage. “In connection with the completion of works on liquidation of emergency situations of technogenic nature of regional disaster response mode to be canceled controls and powers of territorial subsystem of the Republic of Crimea”, – said the Head of the republic Sergey Aksenov.

Emergency input mode will no longer, he said. “Today everything is fine More modes restrictions on the territory of the Republic of Crimea will be neither for the public nor for the enterprise.”, – Said Aksenov. However, he stressed that the power supply system of the peninsula is still being tested.


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