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In the box «Angry Birds in the movie” – BBC

In the box «Angry Birds in the movie" – BBC

The owner of the Brezhnev eyebrows and bad temper Red – the most absurd feathered bird on populated island. His nobody likes it pays to reciprocate, but the main value in his life – his own wings built a house on the ocean. Once production pad in the courier makes Reda once again to get out of yourself and get under the court that sentences him to anger management sessions. In parallel to the coast of the island approaching the ominous ship with sticky golden pig on board dimes. Passengers in the face of the green wild boar with a beard and his associates claim that came to the world, and gifts (like a giant slingshot), but viewers and Redu clear that the good of the newcomers is better not to wait, and the eggs will not prevent perepryatat of harm’s way.

go to the main point:. if you are looking for, what to go with children, «Angry Birds in the cinema” – an ideal option

Simple and intuitive story, in the end accelerate to scale pyrotechnic blockbuster, charming characters, funny (though in some places, and on the verge of a foul) jokes – all in place. Contrary to the expectations of skeptics, the filmmakers did a befitting job plotless world hit puzzle company Rovio alive and breathing, and without loss of quality. All this is not surprising: writer «Angry Birds» appears Jon Vitti, who had previously worked on “The Simpsons” (including full-length) and the TV series “Office”. So, according to the author’s experience, the ingredients for the film were chosen win-win

On the one hand, trouble-free stunt scenes, on the other -. Numerous allusions (from the “Anger Management” Adam Sandler to kubrikovskogo “Shine”) and a few witty insert music videos (for example, on the «Paranoid» Black Sabbath).

However, the fact that the big studios are able to deliver seasonal products at every taste, no special news. And the transformation of toys in the movie heroes, too, is not the most difficult task – to remember, such as “Transformers”. However, the modern viewer recently used to see behind the big blockbusters bit more than just a bright and spectacular attraction. During the battles of superheroes Marvel and DC looming specters of “cold war” and reflection on America’s place in the world. “Zveropolis” is a cartoon about a crisis of democratic institutions. “Puzzle” and does openly uses the current psychoanalytic developments.

 «Angry Birds» in this sense, of course, the thing is simpler and porazvlekatelnee, but

story about the invasion of aliens, since “invasion of the body Snatchers,” is always a metaphor for the processes taking place in reality.

The authors are, however, actively moving away from the literal comparisons. Someone sees in Mighty Eagle, who is worshiped by all the birds of the island, a symbol of American statehood. Some will find the features of US foreign policy in pigs aggressor, who arrived with allegedly peaceful mission. On the other hand, the arrival of the conquistadors pig-like conquest of America and the extermination of its feathered inhabitants centuries ago … In general, try to see here a particular political statement, perhaps, not worth it, the authors say, rather, of a very simple archetype. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. The intruder worse than the Tatar. No good deed goes unpunished. And so on. The unexpected discovery that familiar from childhood proverbs and sayings are true, admittedly, very invigorating. And in order to be convinced of their veracity, watch the news. But after leaving the cinema.


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