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Premieres of the week: “Warcraft”, the new Alice and comedy with Gerard Depardieu – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, May 25 -. RIA Novosti Fantasy based on the game “Warcraft,” the second film about the adventures of Alice Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway and chamber French comedy with Gerard Depardieu will be released on Russian screens on . this week


The film, however, as the name is borrowed from the well-known computer game Blizzard Entertainment studio – all the familiar green-skinned orcs and humans of the kingdom warriors of Azeroth will transfer to the computer monitors on cinema screens. The picture of humanity is faced with a formidable race of invaders, orcish warriors to leave their dying land and go in search of new lands. Between the worlds of orcs and humans portal opened and two swarms start a war for life and death. An endangered species, the other – the extermination. Each army is only one hero who understand that the war dooms them to certain death.

A still from the film “Warcraft”

In the “Warcraft” starring Ben Foster, Paul Patton and Dominic Cooper, and director of the film was made by Duncan Jones, who worked on projects such as “Moon 2112″ and “Source code.” “Warcraft” with his head dipped into the fantasy world of mythological creatures, magic spells and exotic names of characters and locations. This approach is “do not like it – do not eat”, is likely to incline the majority of viewers to the last, although fans of the game can get the film a pleasure, “- he said the critic Geoff Berkshire from Variety standby rating pictures on Rotten tomatoes site is 95%

Alice in Wonderland

The sequel of the film Tim Burton’s six-year-old talks about the new adventures of Alice disposition characters does not change much -. in the picture reappear Red and White Queen by Helena Bonham-Carter and Anne Hathaway, and Mad hatter by Johnny Depp, which Alice has to save. to all familiar already heroes added time, played by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. at this time, Burton acted as producer and director of the new series was James Bobin, who worked on new Zealand comedy series “Flight of the Concord” and the movie “The Muppets”.

“When the” Alice in Wonderland, “Burton came in 2010, advanced technology 3d were fairly new phenomenon. In that year, “Avatar” has broken all records by setting a new benchmark for all future blockbusters. Viewers wishing to relive the sensations presented to Cameron, rushed to the Burton film, which also promised a trip to the magical world … After the picture has collected a billion dollars worldwide, a sequel was inevitable. It is surprising that it took so long for him. In this Disney did not take advantage of this time to eliminate the defects that made the first movie so lackluster, but instead managed to make the second film even weaker than the previous one. In other words – it is not worth it to wait for him, “- said Nigel M. Smith of” The Guardian “

Saint-Amour:. The pleasures of love

At the heart of the plot paintings of Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine – peasant lubber Bruno, who bored his farm and breeding bulls, and his main dream becomes a marriage of his father by Gerard Deparde, trying to help his son overcome the crisis, sent him on a trip to wine-growing regions of France in their way.. accompanies the hapless Mike Lovelace film rating on the Internet movie database site is 6.5 points out of 10. “After playing children, surreal, chaotic and sometimes hilarious, the film is fully integrated into the work of two French directors”, -. says critic Void Hoedzh fan of “The Hollywood reporter “. at the same time, he said, despite the title, the film does not make any representations about love and appreciation between the sexes, focusing rather on the love between father and son, who are backed by the good performance of the actors.

Stills from “Saint-Amour: The pleasures of love”


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