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In rolling out “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp – BBC

On his return from a three-year travels to China Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) finds out that she will now have to live in a new way. My favorite mom trying to make ends meet has sold shares of the shipping company, and grand receptions on silk in a charged blonde laugh former boyfriends. But here comes in handy blue butterfly (ex-caterpillar) Absolue (the last few words of Alan Rickman) and drags Alice on the other side of the nearest mirror, which is the entrance to the familiar Wonderland. Here again there was a misfortune – Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), he plunged into anguish and withers on the eyes. Save it can only be killed by reviving flame Jabberwocky parents, but it is necessary to agree with Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) about chronosphere box, allows you to travel back in time. Because of bad temper lord hours and minutes the time machine have to steal, and soon Alice is satisfied that the previous Wonderland, just like in the real world, not all so simple.

proceedings of the launch of the « Alice in Wonderland » caused mostly upset moviegoers and some doomed sigh critics.

it is understood that, after the orchestrated Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” has collected in world hire of $ 1 billion, the continuation was inevitable, all the more reason for him that gave himself Lewis Carroll. But in art, so to speak, no sense of this idea does not inspire optimism. “Alice,” Burton repeated the traditional mistake of pictures: all directed forces went on a detailed inventing and thinking through the new universe, and on its recovery is not enough for them. Not cope with this and actors – have not helped either removing the fore painted Johnny Depp or assists him Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham-Carter. The national team of good artists making faces little perplexed:

Burton Wonderland, as it turned out, more like a broken town in snuffbox

Second. now it seems to be at first, too, had to do Burton, but in the end he limited himself to the role of producer and shoot “Through the Looking Glass” was entrusted to the man with the best for the job named James Bobin – producer of full-length “Muppet” ally and Sacha Baron Cohen. The script is assigned to all of the same Linda Woolverton, who recklessly not left on the original kerollovskogo virtually nothing, returning action in Wonderland, as required by franchise laws. All these factors seem to indicate that the result had to go out quite monstrous, but in reality it was quite different.

Already in the prologue of the characters begin a little strange goggle and respond at random, and after passing through the mirror begins that -What kind of psychedelic “Terminator”, which recalls the story about time travel. Each of the characters has gained much more than an interesting suit and a pair of spectacular angles. They got biographies and something of the character, as well as a variety of reactions that occur under the paradoxical logic of Wonderland. In other words, Bobin filmed, as they say, not the letter, but the spirit kerrollovskogo books. Among other things, the two tales were about how the world around gets “curiouser and curiouser” – they probably did not know in this sense, the best adaptation of

From what is happening on the screen, the unprepared spectator. may slightly lose its orientation in space, so that the spirit of the first half of the film -. it is expanded and supplemented Mad Tea Party

on some second or third term necessarily happening for some madness. At some point on the local town street stroll imposingly fish and frog

Behind the Red Queen’s guards crowd consisting of carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables -. As the allegory of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Of special mention is the fact of the first-ever joint stage, Johnny Depp, and Sacha Baron Cohen – is unclear how this win-win idea to anyone not occurred before. And this is not to mention the fact that Cohen’s character, among other things from the back of the head sticking out the details of the clock mechanism.

Of course, all this can be called a mockery of the classics or repetition. Adults skeptics are likely to remember “The Neverending Story” or even some classical kinoskazki. To object to this nothing special, except that the bore have still not that bad, but very sad. About the same, however, sad to part with a Hatter and Alice, despite the efforts of the ambiguity of their relationship. While here do not worry much – seems to be the lack of continuation in Carroll for Disney is no longer a hindrance



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