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Oscar Isaac about his role in the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” – BBC

Oscar Isaac – one of the leading young actors in Hollywood today – continues to expand its sphere of influence. After roles in independent films and author, he makes a confident step into the mainstream: the end of last year, Isaac played in the new “Star Wars” and now on the screens out “X-Men: Apocalypse ‘, where Oscar embodied on the screen blue-skinned villain Apocalypse. In anticipation of the movie rental “Times” I had a talk with the artist

-. How do you feel about the “X-Men”? Are they close to you

-? I was a huge fan of comics about the X-Men! He gathered a whole lot of “X-Factor”, where, incidentally, the first time appeared the Apocalypse. Actually, that’s why I am terribly interested when I learned that the Apocalypse will be the villain in the new film, began to think, how to get into the project. I love this character, it was interesting, as it will appear on the screen

-. And what you suggested Bryan Singer

-? The original idea was such a God wakes up after three thousand years of imprisonment and realizes that everything around is not as it should be, not the way he wanted. God woke ofigel from happening and decided to change everything. This option is the second coming of Christ returns to call the elect and destroy the rest, together with our world. On the other hand, when it comes close to what we’ve got, the Apocalypse – is the first mutant. He has learned to transfer their consciousness from body to body, I was able to physically separate the soul from the body. I find it very interesting sci-fi concept

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in addition, the task was to sort of combine all the incarnations of the hero. He is quite changed from the comic to the comics and from cycle to cycle. In “Apocalypse vs. Dracula” is different from the original “X-Factor” or cartoon. But the essence remains the same. He moves from medium to medium, increasing power, this is his way, which was interrupted by a thousand years ago. Taking into account the accumulated power, he believes himself ruler of mankind. He sees that evolution has gone the wrong way, and decides to purify the world of filth, to make room for a new life. And in the past he had done it many times

-. It seems traditional for “X-Men”, the picture is again raises serious themes

-. Yes, exactly. There are a lot of action, but it stands for something much more serious – the idea of ​​an angry God. Yet it is interesting that the word “apocalypse” means not only destruction, but also a revelation. And his followers are my hero stands precisely in this role: he opens their true potential, helps to become stronger. This is the reason that they follow the Apocalypse, he was very convincing

-. Tell us by what you personally have to pass in order to revive the Apocalypse

? – It was a real challenge! The whole head stuck me some pipes and other pieces, but I could not just move, but also talk – in fact, had to do it, but in a very limited extent. Initially makeup served daily for three to four hours, but gradually we learned to manage in an hour – with me worked great team, I want to say thank you, Apocalypse owe them. In general, it was interesting, as I can play in such circumstances. At some point I realized that my character on aesthetics close to the ancient Greek tragedy or Japanese Kabuki theater. Then I looked a few Kabuki performances, focusing on how the actors play there, focusing on the smallest gestures and nuances. Understand how it works, how to learn to not overplay

-. And as for the film partners have you – the beginner in the franchise

-? Oh, regardless of role, working with Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Nick Holt – true happiness. They are excellent, relaxed guys have been behind two common film – a real team. About Fassbender tell apart: we have many scenes together, and fortunately, we instantly became friends with him – it was better than I could have expected. Regardless of the success of the painting, the work with these guys for me is a very important event in the life

-. And Jennifer Lawrence? She was also a lot of blue make-up

-. Yes, of course, I became her brother in the blue ( laugh ). We are very supportive of each other

-. And what can you say about Bryan Singer

It is a stunningly open person, a real team player, always ready to cooperate and? fully focused on their work. We spent a lot of hours discussing with Brian and Simon Kinberg (writer, “X-Men.” – “Times”), what should be my hero, how to make it as interesting and special. And not only for the audience but for ourselves. And most importantly – Brian with great enthusiasm belonged to my ideas, besides, I offered to play with the themes, and even the rules of the dialogue

-. Is there a favorite line that you have given the Apocalypse?

– I think that a powerful spiritual, religious principle, which is in it. It is possible to bring the story to another level. But then I say no – do without spoilers. I do not want to spoil the fun – there’s something that you do not expect

-. And the last question. You do not yearn for the Apocalypse? Maybe think about the film adaptation of “Apocalypse vs Dracula»

-? Ha ha! Yes, it’s a great idea for a spin-off!


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