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Can the group “Leningrad” clip to convert viewers into alcoholics – BBC

– The prosecutor’s office checks the St. Petersburg group “Leningrad” clip “in St. Petersburg to drink” on the promotion of alcohol consumption. Is watching certain videos, movies and other works of art can lead to an increase in alcohol consumption

-? The word “propaganda” zamusolili to ugliness, but if you take the political dictionary of the Soviet period, there is a clear definition of . This set of measures, including the media, culture and art, which changes human behavior. By and large we are all engaged in propaganda, as we want to change people’s behavior. Even in love with a young man engaged in advocacy before the girl to change her behavior

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Here we see the same thing: promoting a certain lifestyle. There’s no malice. Just Seryozha Shnurova is creativity, he pours out his own experience, and through the prism of their experience provides information about the world, which, like each of us, it is limited.

Cords, of course, a talented person, just create these works of art that cause debate in society. Some immature person can perceive the art of properly.

As a result of these clips can push these people to use alcohol and drugs as well as criminal behavior. But since this is still less than good and light, the problem of who makes propaganda, to make sure that in the information field of good and light was more in our lives. Cords should take its clear place in our diverse culture, nothing more. Although it had, of course, there is.

– What do you think the atmosphere in Peter really has to abundant use of alcohol?

– I think most people do not relate to the lyrics seriously. If we discard the immature personalities, of which there are 5-10% in a society, the majority of people, Peter, I think, cause some romantic feelings. Only to feel them, we must know the history of their country, to know what is behind this or that St. Petersburg building of pre-revolutionary or revolutionary era. If there is such knowledge, it will be appropriate feelings. If not, then people will go to the pub and implements the provisions of the propaganda that Cords talent we are all “pushed»

-. But there are some areas where people are on average more than usual drink

– In Central Asia, for example, are reported to drink less, but greater use marijuana

In every society there is a certain demand. chemical “stick” to change your mind.

The question is, what kind of stuff. Somewhere it is alcohol, both in the north and Mediterranean culture where something – plant compounds. Everything depends on the local color. But if people clean their favorite stuff, they immediately replace it with another – is their psychology

-. For the same reason, are not effective all the “dry law»


– These laws – typical simplification. Let’s ban – and things will get better. Stereotypes of behavior change is not too fast, so that they have changed, must go through 20-30 years. When carried out quick campaign, it often does not take into account, because they fail. A person can not simply forbid something, he must offer something in return

For the structuring of free time:. Man abhors a vacuum in time. This is the basic function of the human mind – to structure time. You can do it stupidly – play the fool, to tell each other about clothes, cars, and women friends. You can be creative and achieve some goals. The main problem is to efficiently design a person while taking into account of his personal peculiarities, as biologically and psychologically we are all different

-. Why do some people become alcoholics


– There are biological, social and spiritual conditions. Some people have a genetic predisposition. From how to work the endocrine glands of human and what’s an exchange of biochemistry, depends on the possibility of one or another individual to enjoy. If a person is due to some biological reasons are not able to achieve some goal, he needed an extra adrenaline. At best, he will climb into the mountains, jump with a parachute or something like that, begin to wash the glass in the “Moscow City”. In the worst – for example, die from drugs and alcohol

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Our task – to make more people enjoy washing windows in the “Moscow City” and as little as possible – from alcohol and drugs. The goal is to be a man, if you deprive him of his purpose, what happened at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, the predisposition to alcoholism increase dramatically

-. What signs allow confidently say about this or another man, “You are an alcoholic»

-? They are already very well known. This hangover, strong passion for alcohol when the meaning of the activities is to ensure that its employ. Also, this change goals and judgments when people, for example, start talking about the benefits of a low dose of alcohol.

The main problem is that the people who have become dependent, They can not control the dose of alcohol, or lose control of the situation. For example, drink, although they will soon need to get behind the wheel

If a person tries to justify the frequent drinking of necessity, for example, states:. “I have often drink to work with the authorities and customers,” it an occasion to see a specialist to determine the presence depending

-. What do you think, in recent years, Russians began to drink less

-? less. I saw and pre-Gorbachev era, and Gorbachev, Yeltsin and scary. Now decrease in the percentage of alcohol consumption can be seen even with the naked eye. On the street there are fewer children with bottles. This can be seen by our patients. They become less. Also changing consumption patterns: gradually receding into the past tradition of drinking lots of water on Friday after work. The total dose of alcohol consumed is reduced.


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