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Spin-offu “Star Wars” was required expensive reworking – BBC

The film “Cast Away-one. Star Wars: The Stories “did not like the bosses of Disney, and directed by Gareth Edwards ordered to reshoot several scenes to the final result was more like a” Awakening Forces. ” This is with reference to anonymous sources told the portal Page Six

«Guide Disney bad taken the first installation of the belt and has allocated money for the very expensive reshoots, which will be held in July and will take four weeks’ -. Said one of the sources . The picture also did not like and the first focus group, that it looked as prompted Disney to the decision

«Outcast-one.” – The first spin-off of the space saga ” Star wars “, which is to tell the story of how the rebels kidnapped the drawings of the first death Star.

in this film for the first time in the 40 year history of the franchise the protagonist is not a Jedi, and the characters will fight blasters instead of lightsabers. Completely avoid the characteristic signs of “Star Wars”, of course, it will not work. Chronologically, the picture will be located between the third and fourth episodes of the saga, the eve of the event was published in 1977, “A New Hope”, so that “outcast-one” certainly will be Darth Vader and possibly the Emperor Palpatine – two Sith, seized power in a far far away galaxy after the events of “Revenge of the Sith” (2005). . However, so far no evidence that there is no

The main role in the “outcast-one” play Felicity Jones – her character Jean Ersoy will be involved in the robbery of the century <. / p>

in addition, the employment picture Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, and Genevieve O’Reilly again play Senator Mon Mothma – she has already appeared in this role in “Revenge of the Sith”, although most of the shots with her participation was cut from the final assembly (but other materials available on DVD); the same character in “Return of the Jedi” played Caroline Blakiston. According to rumors, the film will be shown and a young Han Solo, a solo film about to be released in 2018; actor for this role has already been selected – Alden Ehrenreich, and possibly additional shooting are connected with the input of its franchise. It is unlikely that this undertaking would require a month’s work on the nearly finished picture premiere is scheduled for December this year

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Publishing sources insist that the cause of dissatisfaction with Edwards’ work was the fact that he has turned worse than released in December 2015 of the seventh episode of “the Awakening forces” , directed by JJ Abrams.

Bracket series creator of “Lost” and director of two feature “Star Trek” has set very high indeed. Adoration of the critics (92% positive reviews), high rating from viewers, fans endorsement “Star Wars” and more than $ 2 billion in fees – to surpass this result it would be difficult, especially given the resources invested in the renewal of the franchise after the purchase of “Disney” of Lucasfilm studio. Now the buzz is not as strong as he was last year, but that took off as a result of Gareth Edwards, whose filmography is only one blockbuster ( “Godzilla” 2014), according to the boss of the company, it was considerably worse than the “Awakening Forces” . Curiously, Edwards has refused the offer to make a “Godzilla-2″ to which he was supposed to start this year and decided to return to more modest projects. Recall that made him famous science fiction film “Monsters,” he took off almost single-handedly, and for only $ 15 thousand.

The director himself has not yet commented on the situation, and at Disney say and that it was planned from the outset.

«The crew and the studio are always ready for additional filming to make the film better, and the actors know what to expect extra work. After the “Awakening forces” we are responsible for what we get in front of the franchise and the fans of “Star Wars”, – said the representative of the company

«Outcast-one.. Star Wars: The Stories “due out in rent in the middle of December 2016. The bulk franchise will develop independently of the spin-offs. The eighth episode of the saga, which makes Ryan Johnson (shooting ended last week), will be released in December 2017, and the ninth, which is no director – in 2019. Even in kinovselennoy “Star Wars” is expected some films about youth Han Solo (2018), and about a mercenary Boba Fett – but about it now knows nothing at all, except that it is scheduled for 2020



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