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Review of “Warcraft” movie. Ten reasons not to believe the criticism of the film (PHOTOS, VIDEO) – News Khabarovsk on

Issue , visited the premiere of one of the most anticipated movies this year and are ready to share their own opinion on this picture. We’ll show you why you should not believe the critics, the film that put very low scores.

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Out of the film took place in the rest of the world 19 May we long because of translation and dubbing recording premiere on 26 May. If you look on the website , which puts the total score to reviews in all major publications, the page dedicated to the creation of of Blizzard and Duncan Jones can be notice only 34 score of 100 . Many fans and ordinary spectators, believing criticism, changed plans, threw the tickets and permanently lost faith in the successful adaptation of the computer game.

Below are ten reasons that prove that even the most “professional” critics should not believe, and better to build your own opinion after watching the film. We were delighted with the movie and recommend it to all audiences, especially those who are not indifferent to the series of WarCraft and Blizzard creations studio.

1. Orcs. Many critics have noted that the orcs, to put it mildly, does not inspire fear and threat to the inhabitants of Azeroth. Their appearance is rather amused than frightened. Lord of the Rings has set the bar high, and Warcraft it does not surpass. But do not forget that the race design was invented back in the 94th year, long before the screens “Fellowship of the Ring.” And if in the creation of Tolkien’s orc – a dark and ugly form of an elf, orc in the Blizzard – this is a full race in formation which did not participate nor magic, nor third-party entity. They are like a mixture of ancient people and the Vikings, with fangs Boar and alternative constitution of the body.

2. The film is creepy and scary. WarCraft this dark fantasy. The entire universe is built on blood and murder. This, of course, not a “Game of Thrones”, but its plot twists and turns enough in this universe. Despite the cartoon design of the third part of the game, the studio has flatly refused to do fun family film for his creation, and we fully agree with it. The jokes in the film are, and their level is not lowered to sortirnogo, so the modern critic, who grew up on « whistles-perdelki », simply do not notice them. But in vain.

3. Where is the drama? Where empathy heroes? Pretty controversial argument led critics this time. Personally, we are in the first stage be touched a warm fellowship couples orcs talking about children, and peaceful life. You begin to believe this story, and every minute more worry about the main characters. Do not expect a strong history in the spirit of «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind» . This movie is not about that, but for his level, he surpasses even “Avatar” .

4. Where graphics, looks cheap ?! – screaming bald with glasses and a critic throws a can of beer in the screen. Again, I understand the negative attitude of the audience. In the first trailer was a strong feeling puppet. But all fears are gone after viewing the film. Orcs live. Leather, animation, details, everything is done the way we imagined them back in 2004. In comparison with the same aforementioned “Avatar” , where every being was a piece of cloth, and they were all made from the same script, WarCraft udelyvaet design and elaboration. Hypertrophic armor and unrealistic scenery locks recreated with an emphasis under the original games. We are more than sure whether the film a different design, it would no longer screen version.

5. Too many characters. Claim quite appropriate, if you are not a fan of the series and are familiar with this universe for the first time. But in the same “The Hobbit”, the dwarves remember all the names were not real. But for the true fan of each spoken character’s name sounds like music. In general, the director can understand the reason for such a large number of characters are not so much because of fanservisa much from a desire to stay in a trilogy, and this is only the first film

6. 3D this film is not necessary. rather “yes” than “no”. The task to make a great 3D put in their time James Cameron , since the technology has become the standard for all modern blockbusters. Surprise good 3D can not every film. The director of “Warcraft” understood this and did not set a goal to use three-dimensional imaging technology to the full. 2D version of the film is, but watch it, we would not advise. In this embodiment, the picture looks too “ zamylenny “, especially the background. It seems that 2D being finished at the last stage of installation, especially for the middle class, who pay $ 100 for a good picture seems a crime.

7. Where Artes? Where is Thrall? – shouting from the first rows of schoolchildren playing in the “ HearthStone ” before the start of the session. Such written and TotalFilm. Understand people can be almost 80 percent of the population more familiar with the third part of the game and have long forgotten about the existence of the previous two games. canonical film, sometimes it is, of course, at odds with the original story, but in general, the key points addressed. Artes is simply not yet born, and his appearance in the role of Lich King will be held not earlier than the third painting

8. Scenario secondary and clichéd , according to The Hollywood Reporter. Again, talk about the film, which was built according to the scenario of the game 12-year-old, it’s like to offend the classics in her plagiarism to modern creations. All key characters on the spot. The main complication ?? also. Murlocs, griffins, dwarves and elves are all here, and it can only be happy. Notes the similarity with the latest fantasy is, but this can not be avoided, because people learn to create, guided by other people’s creations. Good triumphs over evil ?? the foundation of any science fiction movie.

9. The director filmed not canon! – these words were heard from the lips of “professional” players, for whom Warcraft ?? more than a cult than just a game. Canon in the film is: the characters, who are destined to die ?? dead, small Thrall was born as he was destined to be born. Lothar so, how it came up with the developers. It is impossible to film an exact copy, this is written in the credits and “based on the game».

10. All the contrived and predictable, yawn entire session, ?? shares with readers the resource The Wrap and puts the film 10 100 . After reading the review publications, you realize that a fan of World of Warcraft the film blames the problem, which has absorbed all the modern cinema. Pending complex scenario with a double bottom spectators were disappointed. But the producers did not set such a task in front of him. Its purpose ?? entertain and after viewing, call the desire to see more. The script is full of cliches and bright at the same time, surprising plot moves. The intrigue is kept throughout the entire screen time. For fans of the game kept the stuff from the original game: transforming an enemy into a sheep, raising the characteristic glow of the phrase “do not have enough wood,” “for the horde!”, The familiar design of buildings and a lot of other elements that are characteristic of the universe “Warcraft.” All this makes us a shout of delight.

In summary, I would like to say the following. After watching the entire audience applauded the film. Fans, of which there were 80 per cent in the hall, happy, ordinary viewers also remained indifferent. And the soul appeared only wish ?? review the film again, and then wait for the sequel, which, we hope, all the same will be removed. Yes, the movie is a lot of haters and haters, but before you join their ranks, see a movie with a clear head. WarCraft kind, beautiful and stunning film that closes the epic series of spring kinorelizov.

We can supply pure soul he 9 of 10 . The guys from the IMD’b agree with us, we hope, dear reader, you are with us, too.

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