Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DJ Grad struggled with the disease – Dni.Ru

The assumptions about his death – a consequence of the abuse of alcohol and drugs, categorically wrong. The actor struggled for several years with severe heart disease, was treated. He wanted to live.

Under the watchful supervision of parents, Anatoly Satonin (the name of the City) was treated in his native Volgograd. He moved to a proper diet, taking medication. However, the DJ was very fond of his work and hastened to give yourself too much burden. For the first time after a long break, he had a tour, two shows in a row. First he made Grad in Chelyabinsk, then – in St. Petersburg. The flight, transfer and, consequently, lack of sleep. His heart gave out and stopped. His memories of this life so lyubivshem Anatolia shared by his friends and colleagues.

DJ Lantern

“a lot of speculation arises about why leave DJs – quoted by the newspaper” Izvestia “Vladimir Fonareva -. But it’s not alcohol or drugs His departure is associated with the disease, which he suffered. in the last three years. he scored a lot of weight, the heart is not able to cope. If I did not know that he is sick, if I did not go to him in the intensive care unit, it was possible to build all sorts of hypotheses. ”

DJ Tsvetkov

“I remember how Tolia zhuril me for what I am – a commercial and a DJ playing commercial music – said DJ Tsvetkov -. It was an extraordinary man, and a special look at dance music singled it among the DJs. DJs Commercial watch that is fashionable at the moment, where the wind blows. Toll stuck to his point of view, no one listened to but himself. He was of pure art in dance music, for his subject. ”

DJ Feel

“Castle with a DJ and DJ Nicky Lantern were the superstars of the late 1990s and early 2000s, until 2010. They traveled all over Russia and, in fact, opened our . country dance music they focused all, they were jealous, they imitated each team member represented his musical direction Kohl -.. merry, Volodya Lantern responsible for trance music, and Castle – this is a serious, self-powerful house music from them. It receives all. It was very cool trio. ”

The funeral Anatoly Satonina held on Saturday, May 28 in Volgograd. Tomorrow, May 26, held a farewell in Moscow, after which the body of the City sent a plane to his hometown.


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