Monday, May 30, 2016

Tymoshenko spoke about the “absolutely secret” agreements with the IMF Kiev – RBC

The leader of the faction” Fatherland “Yulia Tymoshenko

photo by Prokopenko Aleksandr / information agency” Ukrainian photo »

The government and the President of Ukraine signed a” secret “obligations to the IMF, said the head of the” Fatherland “Yulia Tymoshenko. As she puts it, is “really scary” document

The leader of the faction “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko said at a briefing on Monday, May 30 that the Cabinet and the President of Ukraine “behind the parliament” allegedly entered into an agreement with international Monetary Fund (IMF).

«This document is absolutely secret. I can say as a faction leader, I have not seen him when he was in the project has not been discussed in our group, there was no debate in society. And as a consequence we have already prepared a document, namely the obligation of the President and Prime Minister of the International Monetary Fund “, – said the leader of the” Fatherland “(quoted by” Interfax-Ukraine »)

« I have them hold. in his hands, it is really scary, “- added Tymoshenko. According to her, according to the signed memorandum, Ukraine undertakes to abolish the moratorium on privatization of agricultural land, to abolish the remnants of benefits for local farmers, increase in retail tariffs for electricity and gas. At the same time, according to her, the document “definitely no” item on deofshorizatsii Ukraine’s economy.

Tymoshenko stressed that the IMF will not need these “absolutely stupid and antisocial acts.” “International Monetary Fund needed budget balance. I worked as the Prime Minister twice and I can say that offer balance the budget! No other way – and you will have a completely different budget, and not have it be so to scoff at people “, – Tymoshenko underlined

The leader of the” Fatherland “said her faction demands to make public all the documents signed with the IMF. and “immediately hold a public debate in parliament with the involvement of the government, the president” (quoted by “Ukrainian truth»).

«immediately make public” the document called on the leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko. “My question is, what they are entitled to bind the parliament”, – he said. According to the Lyashko, obligations to the IMF signed by the President, Prime Minister and National Bank chairman and finance minister.

Earlier, on May 18 after the end of the IMF mission in Ukraine, the Fund announced that agreed with Ukraine its actions to be take to fund Council in July singled Kiev pending before the third tranche of the financial assistance program at $ 17.5 billion. The specific conditions of the IMF is not reported.

«Sustainable implementation of structural and institutional reforms is crucial” – then said the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine, Ron van Ruden.


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