Friday, May 27, 2016

Died first guitarist DDT –

The guitarist of the first composition of the rock group DDT Rustem Asanbaev died on 62 th year of life, reports on Friday, May 27 edition of the Bashkir UfacityNews. The cause of death was lung cancer, with which the musician struggled the last few months.

Asanbaev began performing in the DDT from the first day of visiting team in 1979 in Ufa. Then, the team consisted of lead singer Yuri Shevchuk, Gennady Rodin bassist, keyboardist and drummer Vladimir Sigachyov Rinat Shamsutdinov, and it was called “ensemble under the direction of Gennady Homeland”. The guitarist left the DDT in four years, but continued to perform rock and blues. Later Asanbaev several times to join the group in concert.

In 1997, the musician recorded a solo blues album “Passenger”. For several years he headed the Ufa group Boogie Band, and also worked as an art director team JiMi Bluescafe

Rustem Asanbaev -. The son of the Bashkir playwright Najib Asanbaeva



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