Saturday, May 28, 2016

USC creates shipbuilding cluster in the Crimea – TASS

SEVASTOPOL, May 28th. / Corr. Yanina Vaskovskaya TASS /. United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) provides in Crimea shipbuilding cluster, in which, besides the already operating a branch of a shipbuilding center “Star” in Sevastopol, will design bureau “Coral” and “Sudokompozit” and Sevastopol State University, which opened a specialized department of this year . This Tass Vice-President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Dmitry Kolodyazhni.

“In Crimea, built the cluster, which includes not only the factory. The status of a branch of the St. Petersburg Srednenevskogo shipyard will KTB” Sudokompozit “in Feodosia. It will be for the many enterprises USC solutions provider from the point of view of the composite subjects We also look forward to his participation in a joint program with “Rosnano” for the production of blades for wind power plants. “- Kolodyazhni said

part of the cluster will also Sevastopol KB.” Coral”. “Coral”, which previously specialized in the drill category, and we want to include as a military and a civilian subjects. Now CB gets the appropriate licenses and infrastructure, which will allow to communicate and engage in the USC design perimeter “- said Kolodyazhni

According to him, the corporation also considers Sevgi as a profile university for research and training.. this year, the specialized department of shipbuilding will be opened at the university “in the near future we will be able to create in the Crimea products at all stages of the life cycle: from design to launching, repair and maintenance.” – said Kolodyazhni

. USC in the next two years plans to completely switch to digital technology in the interaction between departments and customers, said Kolodyazhni.

“One of the projects the corporation I call the 100% figure. It implies a shift of the CB from drawings to mathematical models. This will increase the efficiency of the plants. Build ships will be made to the exact size. Now they are going with a large number of fitting operations that modern digital technology rule out “- said Kolodyazhni

Go to the mathematical models will entail the purchase of enterprise sudometricheskogo equipment: laser radar and trackers that allow plants USC participate. . in co-operation “We receive 100% guarantee that the power generated in one plant, just perfect for another enterprise,” – said Kolodyazhni

According to him, the total of scheduled base must be connected and customers USC. – Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Industry. “launched a pilot to establish a regulatory and reference information. By 2017, we will prepare a few tens of directories that will allow all businesses and corporations KB speak the same language. These data will be integrated into a variety of IT products, “- said Kolodyazhni



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