Monday, May 30, 2016

Elton John is not frightened Petersburg bomb – RBC

Elton John concert in St. Petersburg Photo: Sergey Berto / Interpress

The unknown tried to disrupt the Elton John concert in St. Petersburg, which was held in the Ice Palace on 28 May. Before the performance of the famous artist in the Ice palace “telephone terrorist” he told about the bomb in the palace.

An anonymous call was made to police at 19:00 MSK on 28 May at the very moment when the concert was about to begin. As the “Fontanka”, the decision was made not to disrupt the event. A survey conducted complex premises without the need for evacuation. Fully building tested for 21 hours, the explosives have not found.

According to the “Tapes”, the day before all railway and marine stations of St. Petersburg, the city bus station and Pulkovo Airport had to stop work because of the incoming to the emergency call service . An unidentified man said that he was at the station and is going to go to the Palace Square to fight with the border guards. The caller said that is in possession of explosives. As a result, he was detained on a residence and sent to a psychiatric clinic.

May 30 Elton John will hold a concert in Moscow. In the autumn, he said he wanted to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the rights of sexual minorities. In March, a spokesman for the head of state, Dmitry Peskov said that Putin may meet with the musician during his visit to the Russian capital, if their schedules permit. However, he said that the graphics of Elton John and Putin are not the same this week. The meeting, according to Peskov, it may take “the next time».


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