Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The press conference opened Jamala Sergey Lazarev song. VIDEO – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, May 17 -. RIA Novosti The press conference of the winner of “Eurovision-2016″ Jamala in Kiev opened song Russian singer Sergei Lazarev

The video is heard, before exiting Ukrainian. singer plays the song You are the only one, by which Lazarev received first place in the viewers vote, but only the fifth – estimated jury

on the video, hear the voices of the journalists, who also noticed embarrassment and confusion.. In just a few seconds – and the song Lazarev – appeared itself Jamal.

The singer won the “Eurovision” with the song “1944″. Sergey Lazarev eventually became the third and the second place went to Australian They Demi.

Meanwhile, after the final of “Eurovision” international community was much discussion as the representative of Ukraine deservedly won the award. So, the website Change.org community initiatives continues to gain votes petition for review of the tender results. At the time of publication of the material it received more than 270,000 votes. The European Broadcasting Union has announced that it will consider the petition.


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