Monday, May 16, 2016

Lavrov held talks with Syrian opposition leaders in Vienna – RIA Novosti


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VIENNA, May 16 -.. RIA Novosti Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday in Vienna, he held talks with representatives of the Syrian opposition

The meeting was attended by representatives of Moscow, Cairo, hmeymimskoy opposition groups and the Kurdish Party of democratic Union

“we have here a very clear line: to fulfill the agreements that mezhsiriysky dialogue should be truly inclusive and include both government delegation, and all, without exception, the opposition spectrum.”, – said, Lavrov.

Addressing the representatives of the opposition, the minister noted that “unlike other opposition members, they do not try to put forward ultimatums to put forward preconditions and focus on constructive dialogue and have already made a number of interesting and result-oriented proposals”.

According to Lavrov, the meeting with the opposition was useful on the eve of his talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry and meeting MTT

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