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Battle for Khovanshchina: who and why gave a mass brawl in the cemetery – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, May 16 – RIA Novosti. Business, legally and illegally entangle all areas of the largest cemeteries in Moscow – Khovanskii, survived Saturday the biggest shock in the local memory, even the old-timers. According to them, these massacres, with hundreds of brutal thugs, firing pistols and machine guns, crippled and killed – is not happening even in dashing the nineties

Twenty-four hours later, the owners of the many pavilions with ritual accessories and auxiliary employees. count the losses and build the first predictions for the future

The War of the dead

on the question. “What happened here?” – Almost all respond the same way, albeit with different emotions. Elderly woman caught Saturday events, and now arrived to check the safety of her husband’s grave, pronounces this word with genuine fear in his eyes, waving his hand. Sellers wreaths and tombstones – with a condescending smile against a naive outsider, the police from the cordon – fatigue and alertness. A master of spades, rakes and paint brush, unusual rarely come today on the way – say quite serious tone, as a fact, which is self-explanatory

-. Guys, so there you have happened

– As what? War

-. Just a war? ? This

-. Once people killed, probably, the real

On Saturday, when the first footage from the scene just hit the Internet, the two main versions have been put forward. The first – a nationalist, based on the “troops”. Because on the one hand in the massacre was attended mostly natives of Tajikistan, on the other – from the North Caucasus, and spoke first about the inter-ethnic conflict

The second version almost immediately voiced metropolitan Interior Ministry: the struggle for the redistribution of spheres of influence on. cemetery business. Simply put, for the one who will provide numerous paid services relatives repose of Muscovites, as well as -.. Who will collect the wages directly to the workers’

“All of the money, of course you a million graves behind them need care. Many relatives can not come here often, they are willing to pay to have the graves were gathered, not looted. I am here not talking about a fee for the allocation of plots is better, and what sort of sum spinning to close to the center of bury. These are the people close to the administration , decide for themselves. But to correct ogradku, paint, grass, weed, cross the new set – it’s all the money, “- says the owner of one of the” shops “(in reality – just a few tables with samples of wreaths and funeral accessories).

According to the traders, many of whom only smile in response to questions about the permits for their business, the main question – income Khovanskii cemetery. Earned on funeral services money often do not go anywhere, nor for any accounting. For complex funeral services or costly monument in the store can check and clear the consignment to write, although it does not guarantee that the money went to the “white” box office. And all the little household things and even more so paid in cash directly to the hand. Therefore, the work in the cemetery mainly illegal immigrants, which this situation is satisfied, even if paying a little.

The question is, is it true that fighting is the Tajiks, “owning” the cemetery business, a Dagestani, who want to take their place It causes new indulgent smiles. Yes, this was discussed in many formal and informal messages, but it is too simplified scheme. In fact, says the source, Khovanskoye Cemetery (their then three large separate sectors.) – It is a conglomeration of ethnic communities, share certain types of earnings

For example, the bulk of the most unskilled “black” work at the graves Tajiks really perform. Behind the counter-desks can meet Russian women, and Caucasian men. Endless rows of tombstones and marble monuments controlled mainly Azerbaijanis, and so on. Anyway, here it is almost all the Diaspora, which only exist in the capital. Except perhaps that the Georgians, “they have other interests in Moscow”, – laughing Local

“We do not have here the national conflict, He’s here International.” -. They say, and again become severe <. / p>

The price of issue

“of course, the share of all of us pay. It is one thing when we pay a reasonable share of the normal to us attitude. to guard not to drive to the clients we have been advised that there is where “- says one of the” defenders “on but when it comes some strange people and say that paying now need them to pay a lot, just that they are our legs are not broken, this one does not want the tool to lay down, sweeps to avoid … . cemetery hard workers

“and they say, or pay for, or get out of here, to work we his people put in a store of goods will beat and who twitches -. cripple and no, we will not help, say we.. here all the illegals, the police have the same then in the whole blame, and sit down, “- explains the second

According to them, the official version of the authorities about the reasons for the slaughter it is true: having been refused,.” strangers “stated directly to preparing for the worst.

“Everyone knew here. Another two weeks we were warned that they should come here and beat us. We, of course, and reported to the administration and the police. And there were some agreements: we were sent here with a police car. Whether riot police, or who, I do not understand, but in the form and with the weapon, “- says the source, rubbing his large fresh abrasion on the shoulder

As a result, everything went as prompted logic of events on.. a huge area of ​​the cemetery police of “gain” is not enough, be permanently on the site, they also might not. some days the machine regularly on duty nearby. But the ill-fated Saturday close to noon the police somewhere left.

should “strangers people “for the police or had a call from someone local – now do not know, but the departure is clearly waiting After a while, as if on cue, the gates of the cemetery began to come running strong men of Caucasian appearance with sticks and scraps of armature became clear that.. they get their plan at any price.


“we have now many believe that it is all rigged and in the cemetery administration. They were there during the attack, stood at the fence and quietly watched the beating. Generally does not interfere, “- says, do not hesitate to explicitly write to mobile phones, one of the saleswomen mini market ritual supplies rarely happens that not all local eagerly discussing the incident with outsiders, and a post – very unit

<.. p> – and the police – asked curious

-. and the police She came here full of mayhem was Yard stones pelted, shooting around the cemetery and they came to four, and now their thirty people?.. with fittings. well, ran deep there, nobody to catch up did not. had them run, might and the police there to kill. there’s ten of them had, instead of one.

She says that and then, when they arrived reinforcements of police and buses with riot police, the security forces did not immediately go to catch the fighters in the churchyard. First, blocked the surrounding streets and entrances to the cemetery, sent home to numerous visitors at the warm weather at the weekend came to the graves of their relatives. After that, large groups began to enter the territory and to output the first string of the detainees there

Caught police, according to many respondents, mainly the so-called negros -. those local laborers, mostly Tajiks, who with shovels, sticks and stones rebuffed the attackers.

“I have a son then folded inventory. It has all the documents have to work. But they saw that he had a rake in his hand, and took away with the other, although he was not beaten, he was sitting there the whole time. I have the whole day waiting, all hoped that he would be released, “- says the old Tajik

According to witnesses, most of the attackers before the arrests fled, throwing down the road weapon Then people stumbling around the cemetery at.. thrown into ditches knives and rusty reinforcing rods with fresh Spila. in search of all, the police combed a large part of the area on Saturday, but on Sunday, investigators and people in camouflage uniforms were to be found among the graves.

On the organization and reasonableness of actions attackers reason many inhabitants Khovanskii. Thus, according to one of the cemetery staff, he witnessed the beginning of the unrest. The attackers fled in large numbers from several sides, “to escape there was nowhere”.

“I have them when he saw there, behind the fence, there were so many, two hundred people. And then on this side have tumbled down smaller, about a hundred. On view were all Chechens and Dagestani young. I have not noticed, there’s the gate were closed, and I sat down, and they are by ran, “- says the man

According to him, he started a pogrom in the center of the cemetery, right under the windows of the church glass in cars hit,.. people pulled out. One car that was trying to leave, turned over. Employees of private security agencies, whose booth is located next to the gate, behind which turned the strongest fight, hit, too, when they tried to get into the crowd.

” But they did not interfere too much, because there is a huge crowd fought. And fired. Many, many shot. In life, this never seen only in the movies about the war. Dozens of shots or even hundreds. Almost without a break a few minutes shot. They would be there was nothing could these guards, “- says an eyewitness

Weapons and the proletariat

As the eyewitnesses, beating mostly Tajiks, as well as all of those. who was in the hands of a working tool. even if we stood next to the “customers”, the elderly or women, hired worker, the right when they him beat. when you try to intervene were hit and the client, not understanding.

“There’s a girl worth, Vic, she also worked as a once in a cemetery. Customers were asked to ogradku paint. Its on the go so hit – it is now a scar on his foot and is limping. They knocked down and shouted: “Get out of here, if you want to live!” -. I said one of the women working at the cemetery

One of the interlocutors noted the interesting point that the attackers did not touch any of the “burial teams”, which provides the administration of the cemetery for burial clothes. At least on these facts the man after the incident, no one could hear, although teams with the characteristic red and black armbands works at the cemetery a few.

A wave of clashes, he said, to move quickly through the cemetery . When the first car the police drove up to the church, the attackers have a chain swept through the central cemetery down to the far end of the area.

“All in the way they beat. Maybe, driven especially because on the other side, as they say, yet their hundred people were. There’s a lot of skirmishes was our Tajiks when they down ran. those with bats, with the reinforcement, and our on them with shovels and stones. Then they moved back up and have the North cemetery. There’s then another one found killed, “- he said the cemetery” artisan “

about the number of victims

The official voiced data on the number of victims, detainees and the dead do not believe, it seems, no. party. And even the law enforcement officers who work on-site emergency.

Interestingly episode, when several law enforcement officers stopped a group of reporters on the way to the fenced area of ​​the signal strip. There the first two bodies were found yesterday. Total announced the investigation of three victims, and, of course, journalists immediately followed by questions, whether from yesterday has not changed this figure

-. As you say three? Well, then three.

The subsequent question from another reporter, whether the figures are about two hundred participants and 120 detainees, caused in the ranks of the security forces loyal to undisguised merriment. However, that any comment they refused after such a reaction, suggesting contact the press service of the relevant departments.

“I think that killed at least five. The two are one in the North Cemetery and another one on Central and west, but those who have seen people of the same, here, -.. my neighbor, friend – two women from the west were If you say that all three of them, then maybe the two just survived on Sunday.? around the cemetery combed, could not be found, “- suggested one of the workers

According to him, with his own eyes he had seen only two bodies of the victims alleged by hitting the car.. And one had a clear open injury and a lot of blood, like a man smashed head first, and then, already lying, moved the car. He sees no reason to hide the number of deaths and the cause of their death, if suddenly the real data is actually different from the official. At the same time there is a “bad news” about the participants of the fight

“Our Tajiks even twenty people with whom relatives contacted can not police them did not detain, here is not returned, the calls do not answer -.. Phones disabled, and do not call Maybe they’re on the run Posted:.. afraid of being caught and sent back to Tajikistan, or even in all this blame or maybe something worse happened, nobody knows, “- he said <. / p>

bleak prospects

When asked what the outcome of this story for the cemetery business, workers and business people react differently. Some people just laugh off, others say that will work as before. Still others believe that nothing good happened is not promising.

“You do not seriously think that all this will end? To protect us, no one is going. Here, if the police regiment put, all the cemetery not perekroesh. So will walk and often look back, “- says the worker, who identified himself as Roman

According to him, many of the cemetery is now afraid of the consequences of not bandits, raiders, and with government agencies.. Already announced raids and sweeps mean that “all the hard workers will carry on testing,” will not work in peace. Even those immigrants to whom complaints from customers not to be caught and put or send home.

“In their place, that normal people will come? No, come right here these who war we gave . they do honest work still will not, they will have the money to take away from those who then sells and works. in order to pay them, it is necessary to price raise. All clients, all of Moscow they will pay. If so, we will do, they will then mean , won, “- says an illegal immigrant from Tajikistan



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