Tuesday, May 17, 2016

President urged to seek the answer to the housing problem – BBC News

Building can become a driving force for the Russian economy. So said Vladimir Putin. Today the President chaired a meeting of the State Council, devoted to urban policy.

In the past, the country built 85 million square meters. Moreover, almost 40% – this is economy class housing. But even this kind of apartments for millions of people is not accessible without an affordable mortgage

“Mortgage -. This powerful engine housing – says the president -. And the government, together with the Central Bank, of course, to look for ways to reduce rates on such loans, to look for new mechanisms for attracting financial resources in the mortgage, if it is to me to burden the budget of the new additional costs “.

But the hundreds of thousands of defrauded real estate investors have been unable to celebrate a housewarming. “Unfortunately, defrauded investors are still many – said Putin -. And in every case is the fate of a particular family, a particular human situation unfinished, abandoned houses, with firms that pocketed if to say right, other people’s money as the people. say, ducked then, all this undermines citizens’ confidence in the equity construction “.

And the insurance mechanisms do not work. Until now, there is not one example of the completion of housing facilities by insurance funds. Even the largest companies are openly saying: do not pull

“Of course – says the president – is possible in these circumstances to consider the proposal to establish the state compensation fund in housing construction I would have asked to speak on this matter together with the… so we should not create a mechanism that would forever covered someone’s flaws, poor performance or even worse a scam. The state should not be a sponsor of such incorrect operation! “.

In one only the suburbs over the past four years, 18 thousand people have been unable to settle. People helping regional authorities

And so for tens of holders -. Came the long-awaited day. They view the future of housing -. House eventually completed by another company, who came to the aid of

The word “pricing” sounds constantly. Numerous guests and building codes adopted decades ago. They are outdated. Moreover, there is no clear, relevant and reliable information on the costs and in design and construction. As a result, developers have a free hand

“This, I may say, libertines allows to make estimates based on certain established practices, -. Says the president -. And to be honest, just, you know, so, taken from the sky these figures, from the light. As a result, it is impossible to check the validity and effectiveness of the budget investments directed to the construction of various objects “.

But soon the situation should change. It is planned that in the near future all the technical regulation system will operate on the principle of a single window. In real estate developers, so there will be less red tape with the documents. Moreover, these rules will become more clear and understandable. 300 standards – modern clear and precise – will appear in the event of the year. The Ministry of Construction expects that housing will build faster.

The development of the construction can stimulate and other financial mechanisms. Again, it sounds the word “mortgage”. “When will work in the Russian market of mortgage securities?”, -. Asks President

“Now the preliminary plan agreed with the Central Bank, we will try to release this security as a pilot project, which will be based on his first-class risk-free mortgage. these funds will be directed to the formation including rental housing, “- reports the first vice-premier Igor Shuvalov.

” It is really the most important thing – to ensure reliability in the handling of this valuable paper so that these papers were provided real meters “, – said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov

the authorities must bring order to the point buildings, -. celebrate the leaders of parliamentary factions. In addition, the population is often stretched on for years

“We are here in the Duma analyzed, -. Said the head of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov, -. We have unfinished almost nine thousand objects smudge money two trillion rubles, froze just. it is necessary to ask harder and make time to introduce objects and corresponding regulations, they are very often not fulfilled That point construction,! “

.” – said LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky -. Why not ban it completely ?! Something Stinks , shut the light citizens pure someone wants to be closer to the center, and do not care about all the residents around this point of building is necessary to prohibit the “

In the hall -..!. and representatives of the construction business. They note: the green light should be given only to proven, reliable companies

Dozens of cities in Russia now do not know.. In the list of the most beautiful and attractive metropolises in Europe – both Moscow and St. Petersburg. And Kazan. Changed for the better – the ancient city of gold rings. The real gem of the North Caucasus was the Terrible. Special attention – to experience the various regions

At the beginning of the XXI century, Russia has a unique opportunity to solve the housing problem -. A problem that stretched for centuries. To miss such a chance simply can not.

Look forward housewarming and those who now live in dilapidated houses. Here is an example of Karelia – the work is going to end soon begin processing. And all in the next five years is necessary to build across the country of 300 million square meters

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