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Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s first wife accused of lying Amber Heard – Cosmo.Ru

This week, the public was shocked news of , that Amber Heard ( Amber Heard), the wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp ( Johnny Depp ), filed for divorce after 15 months of marriage. May 23 actress sued application for divorce , as a reason for specifying « insoluble contradictions.” The document also listed , that the actors had left May 22 – three days after Depp’s mother’s death

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They began to emerge new rather unpleasant details of the relationship of the stars. As it turned out , was the reason for the gap … domestic violence! Depp regularly raised his hand to the Hurd! As evidence, Amber gave pictures , which eloquently , that life with the star was not easy.

The public has not had time to recover from such statements and to rethink their views on Johnny , as the accusations of lying Hurd made the first wife of Depp. And after a while it supported and Vanessa Paradis , with which the actor quietly and peacefully lived in a civil marriage of 14 years.

On the defense stood up and Depp and Paradis daughter Lily-Rose. She has published a children’s picture with his father in Instagram , by signing it: “My dad is – one of the most beautiful and loving people , I know. He was always very great father for me and my younger brother. And who knows , can say the same thing!

The first wife of Depp Lori Anne Allison said , that he can not raise his hand against a woman. She is very surprised by what is happening and says , that during their relationship actor is not even raised her voice. However , Johnny and Lori marriage lasted only two years, from 1983 to 1985. The ex-wife of the star is convinced , he – a kind and gentle , is not capable of violence.

Many people were waiting for comments Vanessa Paradis and she did not stay away from the controversial conflict. “Johnny Depp – the father of my two children. He is a sensitive man , who knows how to love. I believe with all my heart , that these outrageous charges – absolute nonsense and a lie. All the time , I know Johnny , was not a single trace of physical violence on his part. All these accusations seem totally incompatible with the image of the man , with whom I lived wonderful 14 years “, – quotes appeal Vanessa Portal TMZ.

Meanwhile, , All-Russian matchmaker Rosa Syabitova too could not stay away from the divorce discussions Johnny Depp and advised him to go back to Vanessa Paradis. Who knows , may, after such support from the ex-beloved actor will think again and again begin to live happily with the mother of their children?

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