Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Farewell, Mona Lisa: French scientist declassified by Leonardo da Vinci – BBC News

Portrait of Mona Lisa image hides a completely different woman. With such a sensational statement was made by French researcher Pascal Cotte. He claims that using its own method over 10 years studying the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci and found a visible layer of paint a portrait of a woman, absolutely not similar to the Mona Lisa. However, many experts do not agree with the conclusions of Cotta. Do you have new secrets of the Mona Lisa?

In place of the Mona Lisa was supposed to be the other woman to such a sensational conclusion was reached by the French scientist Pascal Cotte. In 2004, the Louvre had given him permission to study the greatest masterpieces of all time – “Mona Lisa” and “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. Pascal studied painting with the help of directed light flashes. French scholar explains, this is a unique, invented precisely his method that allows us to consider each a picturesque layer on the canvas.

“We are now able to analyze what is happening at each of the layers of paint, and we can clean like onions all the layers of the painting – says Pascal Cotte. – And we can restore the entire history of painting “.

Conclusion Pascal under a portrait of the Mona Lisa is not like a Mona Lisa women. She above the forehead, large nose and hands, and most importantly – there is the famous enigmatic smile.

It is known that the painting by Leonardo wrote to order a few years, from about 1502. Looking at the portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of the silk merchant of Florence, Pascal Cotte says: Lisa is not at all, and who – is not known. “The result destroys many myths and changing the way we look at Leonardo’s masterpiece forever,” – he says.

Pascal could and reconstruct a portrait of a stranger. It turned out that it is quite glamorous Italian, which is really different from the Mona Lisa. “I have no doubt that this is indeed one of the stories of the century” – Andrew prizanetsya Snhr historian Andrew Graham-Dixon.

Pascal went to his sensational discovery 10 years long. History is silent, how many flashes of light were sent to them in the direction of the web during this time, how much time it powers off and a stunning device, pure virtual onion peel, which so aptly likened the painting layers.

“No sensation is not – said, in turn, restorer, Vice-Rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts Yuri Bobrov. – This camera that takes a few bands, using ultraviolet and infrared dipped, used in the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, but everywhere – and is used for a long time. For information on the underlying image takes a few minutes. It is surprising that our colleagues took 10 years to, to know that under the Mona Lisa have underlying images “.

Not only Leonardo recorded his canvases. Almost all the artists do it – sometimes there is no money on the canvas, sometimes unhappy master sovey work. Examples of mass. In addition, the scientists say that while it is impossible to talk about the opening, because Pascal has not provided the scientific community or the results of spectral analysis of paint or a picture of this most of the underlying paint layer.

There is one more question. The Louvre is a huge department that just deals with examinations, equipped with the best technology. Why it took “Mona Lisa” to give an outsider to study painting of all time. One gets the feeling that just a PR Pascal your not quite unique method and the Louvre somehow looks at it favorably. By the way, the main museum of France, this situation does not comment.

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