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Lazarev for the “Eurovision” – BBC

Russia on “Eurovision-2016″ will be the singer Sergei Lazarev. This was announced during the award ceremony of the Russian National Music Awards, where he was named the best performer of popular music, and later Lazarev posted a message on his participation in the competition on the home page blog Instagram.

«I would be a great honor to speak on behalf of our country!

It will be a fascinating experience, I’m sure! And I hope that you, like me, fall in love with that song that I will sing in the competition in Stockholm! Wish me luck and cheer for me))) Thank you », – write it is.

The singer award at the ceremony was not present – he is on tour. December 10 he had a concert in Izhevsk, and on December 11 he will perform in Perm.

32-year-old Sergey Lazarev – pupils of children’s musical group “Fidget”, which also involved participants “Tatu” Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina, Anastasia Zadorozhna and Vlad Topalov. After leaving “Neposedy” Topalov Lazarev and created a successful pop duo Smash !!, won the “New Wave” and won the award Muz-TV, “Golden Gramophone” and Russia Music Awards in 2004.

In 2004, by Smash !! He collapsed, and Lazarus solo career, his discography of four studio albums (with songs in English), he is the winner of numerous Russian music awards. In addition, he graduated from the Theatre of the Moscow Art Theatre, and plays in the theater’s Pushkin, was nominated for “Crystal Turandot” and “Stars of the theater-goer” (in 2014 for the title role in “The Marriage of Figaro»).

To help Lazarus to prepare a song for the contest may be Philip and the Greek composer Dimitris Contopoulos.

According to the dedicated “Eurovision” portal ESCKAZ, rumors that Russia at the competition in 2016 will be named Lazarus, it appeared about a month ago. On November 25, the presentation of the video “Indigo” Kirkorov said that he, along with Kontopoulos will prepare a new participant of Eurovision, and this work has already begun. The participant, according to Kirkorov, was among the guests, but his name is not mentioned. Lazarev, by the way, was there.

At the channel “Russia 1″, which in 2016 will broadcast the competition, “ confirmed that participate in” Eurovision “will be named Lazarus – he was selected internally channel. But the choice of the composition has not yet taken place, and who is the author of the song is not yet known. Most likely, it will be presented in February 2016.

This is the earliest selection of the Russian participant of “Eurovision».

Usually, the name of the musician or band name announced in March, almost the last day of submission of applications. Only twice named party in February – so, February 19, 2013 First Channel called representative of Russia winner “Voices” Dean Garipov.

At the same time Russia was not the first – is already known to the participants of “Eurovision-2016″ from, for example, Armenia and the Netherlands. The contest will be held this time in Sweden – after last year’s victory of Mons Selmerlёva – from 10 to 14 May. On his return declared Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine, and Turkey, as well as the previous three years, to take part in “Eurovision” is not.

Total Stockholm arrive Representatives of 43 countries.

In 2015, the “Eurovision” was held in Austria and Russia was represented by Polina Gagarina. During the preparation for the performance of the singer as it was rumored that she will write a composition for Kirkorov and Contopoulos, but ultimately chose the song «A Million Voices» («A million voices”) Swedish authors. On the “Eurovision-2016″ Gagarin became the second, quite a bit behind the Selmerlёva, many (including producer Yuri Aksyuta) expressed the opinion that if it were not for the political situation in Europe, the Russian singer would have won the competition.


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