Sunday, December 13, 2015

“Youth” Paolo Sorrentino won the main prize of the European Film Academy – BBC

In Berlin, the 28th award ceremony of the European Film Academy.

Chief kinopriz Europe went to the film by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth».

In this film tells about two 70-year-old friends – conductor (Michael Caine), who had already retired, and director (Harvey Keitel), who are still going to make your most important movie.

«Youth” became the second English-language tape Sorrentino; his previous work in English – “The Great Beauty” – in 2013 won the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe Awards” in the category “Best Foreign Language Film.” Premiere took place in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, but it has not received the prizes, though considered one of the favorites. But European kinoakademiki given “Youth” three awards.

The best actor of the year was Michael Caine and Sorrentino – best director.

Two years ago, “The Great Beauty” received from European academics five prizes – three of which are similar to those in which the victory of the “Youth”; but the new film directed by winning technical nominations failed.

Best Comedy was the picture of Swedish director Roy Andersson with a complex called “Pigeon perched on a branch, thinking of being.” And the best actress Academy chose Briton Charlotte Rampling, who played in the drama by Andrew Hay “45 years».

Michael Caine double up on stage for the awards. The second prize – for his contribution to cinema – he has received from the president and the board of the Academy. Taking it, the actor jokingly complained that for the previous half-century career (he began to appear in mid-1950) in Europe, it is not awarded nor ever.

«And today won the right two! “- triumphantly concluded Kane.

It is interesting that the premium for 28-year history of the award was given to three; before that it received only one of the founders of the Academy – Manuel de Oliveira and Michel Piccoli.

Honorary Prize received and Rampling, and actor Christoph Waltz won the prize for the European contribution to the World cinema.

Russian films in the main categories of the European Film Academy were not provided. Only the “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev could win the “People’s Choice» (People’s Choice), but he went to the Spanish criminal fighters Alberto Rodriguez’s “Tiny island» (La isla mínima).

European Film Awards are often called “Euro Oscar “as its nominees and winners are often the favorites of foreign nominations” Oscar “and” Golden Globe “. However, it is not a prediction of the future holder of the most prestigious film awards of the world, but rather a European view on who could become the winner if all countries outside of Europe would not have taken off. However, the last three years to European academics managed to anticipate the range of their American counterparts – in 2012 won the “Love” Austrian Michael Haneke, in 2013 – “The Great Beauty”, and last year won the Polish “Ida” Paul Pawlikowski. This year, so accurate predictions will not work – “Youth” has been put forward by Italy in the “Oscar».

A nominated for the “Golden Globe” from the short-list of European awards were Only Turkish drama directed by Deniz Gamze Ergyuvena “Mustang”, which is France.

But in the case of documentaries and European academics might guess. His prize they gave Asif Kapadia film “Amy”, a biopic of singer Amy Winehouse. The nominees for the “Oscar-2015″ has not yet been identified (they just announced January 14, 2016), but in the long – it is only 15 films – Oscar list of “Amy” is already entered.


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