Friday, December 11, 2015

ГУМЧС: десятки нарушений нашли на Тушинском заводе за неделю до пожара – РИА Новости

MOSCOW, December 11 – RIA Novosti. The auditors found several dozens of fire safety violations during the last inspection in Tushino engineering plant, told reporters on Friday the head of the press service GUMCHS Moscow Oksana Zolotov.

“Through the supervisory activities (MOE) On December 3 on the audit entity – TMZ – was handed an order to perform 40 points firefighting activities”, – she said.

According Zolotova for admitted violations brought to justice by the company and several of its employees responsible for security.

erupted Thursday night fire at the Tushino factory has become the largest in the Moscow area in 25 years. Flames raged in the 15 thousand square meters, covering warehouse with household cleaning products and three five-storey administrative building. There were no casualties on the quenching took more than five hours.


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