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Druzhinin new “Midshipmen” talk about the war with Turkey in 1787 – RIA Novosti

The actress and director Svetlana Druzhinin during the filming of

© Photo courtesy of the press service of the SS Druzhininoj

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti. A well-known Russian film director Svetlana Druzhinin on the eve of the anniversary plans a sequel of the famous “cadets”: the action of the new film will take place in 1787 during the beginning of the Russian-Turkish war, told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the director.

The first film of the trilogy of historical Druzhininoj, “Midshipmen, forward!”, was released in 1988. It was followed by the continuation of “Vivat, cadets” (1991) and “Midshipmen – III” (1992). The new picture – “Midshipmen-1787″ – is now at the stage of predpodgotovitelnom: completed work on the script, the movie in the Fund successfully passed the first stage of the protection project is working on the creation of images of the heroes of the film, together with the artist Igor Dadiani. Selection of nature takes place in the Crimea, Petrodvorets, Pereslavl and Malta.

© Photo courtesy of the press service of the SS Druzhininoj

Actress and director Svetlana Druzhinin during filming

“I always thought, and which may be a continuation of” cadets “? Midshipmen – it is my element, my temperament, my position my civilian installations and the intonation of my life. I believe that as long as humanity lives, lived his youth, romance, passion – this friendship, and love, and the desire to protect their homeland! ” – Druzhinin told RIA Novosti.

The film lay Kinburn Battle of Alexander Suvorov, 230 years from the date of which will be executed in October 2017 on the feast day of the Intercession of the Virgin. This is one of the first episodes of the Russian-Turkish War 1787-1792 years.

A new picture, as previously established and publicly favorite “Midshipmen” Druzhininoj, will be charged under the slogan “Life – Motherland, honor – to anyone!”. The film is occupied by “old actor Guard” Dmitry Kharatyan Alexander Domogarov Mikhail Mamaev Mikhail Boyarsky, Olga machine interface. Also starring Alexander Lazarev, Anna Semenovich, Fedor Dobronravov, Aglaia Shilovskaya, Vsevolod Shilovsky. We discuss the participation in the project of Dima Bilan, Christina Aguilera, Nikita Presnyakov and Tatiana Navka.

“I love working on the set with good actors. I remember Natalia Gundareva, Tatiana Peltzer, Innocent Smoktunovsky, Evgeny Evstigneev, Alexander Abdulov, Nikolai Eremenko, Borislav Brondukova, alas, gone from us … Oh still alive do not say, many have become my “rodnenky” – shared director.

Druzhinin admitted that she does not like the prime minister, because of the creation of the film spends so much energy that after work, “like a fish after spawning helplessly lying on the shore …” Premieres notes solely for his team. “They deserved holiday!” – said the director.

The new “cadets” Druzhinin will shoot with his frequent collaborator – the operator, and the other spouse Anatoly Mukasey. “With operator-husband work hard, and easy – she said. – You have to understand and respect each other, then turn. The life we ​​have is not a simple, but beautiful and very interesting! Over the years, we are convinced of the correctness of our choice. We love each other … “


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