Thursday, December 10, 2015

Presentation of state awards took place in the Kremlin – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday presented state awards to prominent figures of culture, science, astronauts, employees of industry, medicine, agriculture and other spheres of activity.

The ceremony is traditionally held in the Catherine Hall of the Kremlin.

The awards were given, in particular, of the president of Russian Railways in the French Republic Consuelo de Havila Cortes, chief editor of the Literary Gazette Dmitry Polyakov, president of the Russian charity foundation Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Natalya Solzhenitsyn, President of the Russian Cultural Foundation and film director Nikita Mikhalkov, the artistic director of the Moscow State Variety Theater Gennady Khazanov.


The representative of the President of Russian Railways in the French Republic Consuelo de Havilah Cortes, saying acceptance speech, very well spoken and understood in Russian. “Do not think that I as a woman exaggerating if I say that today the most important day of my life, get out of your hand this award, I want to confess that in my family of French aristocrats Russia has always occupied a special place,” – she said at the ceremony .

De Havilah Cortes said that in the human, not diplomatically always felt the French ambassador in Russia and the Russian ambassador to France: learning a decade ago, that between France and Russia for a long time there is no train messages, she realized that she is obliged to organize.

“Thanks to the great support of the Russian Railways and the French railways, we were able to implement this powerful geopolitical project and I am very glad that now the train from Moscow to Paris, Moscow-Nice walk regularly “, – she said.

literature, theater, cinema

From the hands of the president was awarded the chief editor of the Literary Gazette Dmitry Polyakov. “How can the writer to respond to the high award – only new works. I have already said – and today, just as the Satire Theater premiere of my new comedy” suitcase “directed by Alexander Shirvindt” – said the chief editor.

” Do not be surprised, but in this play appears on the scene, even the Russian President, I very much hope that in their free state care while you watch this show and tell about their assessment “, – said Polyakov, referring to Putin.

President of the Russian Charity Fund of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Natalya Solzhenitsyn, who received the award from the President, expressed the hope that, despite the fact that the literary year draws to a close, Russia remains a country in which every year can be called the year of literature.

According to her, this year on thousands of sites have taken place thousands of literary events arranged both traditional and innovative, and the most important result of the year is a lively and broad response found these events in humans as they are willing to strongly push counter-initiative. Year of the literature revealed a whole army of devotees, enthusiasts of the book, read, clean and clear speech – ready to serve education in culture sometimes very modest or difficult circumstances, she added.

“They work every day to ensure that in Russia did not end the year literature, and when the country is going through hard times, as now, the art and literature need more acute than in the years of careless because they raise people’s thinking, independent, persistent, because they teach the true relation of values ​​”, – Solzhenitsyn said.

The President of the Russian Cultural Foundation and film director Nikita Mikhalkov at the state award ceremony recalled how 13 years ago in this hall presents the award to his father.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear Friends, 13 years ago in this Chamber, you were awarded a very high award to my father and he said, I served, serve and how the Lord willing, still be to serve the fatherland, I have nothing to add, “- said Mikhalkov.

Artistic director of the Moscow State Variety Theater Gennady Khazanov at the ceremony thanked their homeland.

“When you do what you love – it’s freedom, when you love what you do – this is happiness, I am grateful to the Fatherland today and is free and happy, “- said Khazanov at the ceremony of presenting state awards.

At the end of the head of state compared the artists and workers in agriculture.

” The head came to a simple idea, which you can complete our Today’s ceremony. We have representatives of Agriculture and kept saying how folk artists. A folk artists plowed like real villagers. Happy New Year to you, congratulations, “- Putin said.


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