Saturday, December 12, 2015

Foreigners have decided to remove the Amur tiger and goat Timur in cinema – Sight

Episode friendship Timur and the Amur River in Primorye will go into a documentary TV and Radio Company of South Korea.

On Thursday, December 10 in Seaside Safari Park, located in Shkotovsky district of Primorye profit margins South Korean journalists who filmed the story about the friendship of two completely different animals – herbivorous and predatory Amur Temur, said in a statement on the website Safari Park.

The first South Korean film director Park Suengi “Disappearing emperors Siberia” viewers Russia and South Korea have seen back in 2010. Then Park Suenga spent filming the life of tigers in Lazovsky reserve Primorye. In the new documentary film reach a large habitat of the Amur tiger, including the film will be described separately as the Amur tiger became friends with homemade goat Timur.

According to a South Korean journalist, a phenomenal story of friendship and Amur Temur excited the whole world. “This history has shown all nations on all continents that the animals smarter than people – they have no racial prejudice and hatred for each other” – said the South Korean director.

On Friday it was reported that a tiger and a goat made friends called the inflow of tourists in Primorye.

On Thursday it became known that the leadership of the Primorsky Safari Park to install a web camera to the friendship between a goat for Timur Amur tiger and Amur could be seen in the online mode.

Recall goat production resulted in an enclosure to the Amur tiger Amur, but the predator did not eat it, because Timur showed courage. Goat eventually even took a sleeper tiger, forcing him to sleep on the roof of the shelter. During the cohabitation of the two beasts tiger has fed live food, and he was not trying to attack the goat. On Sunday, the park reported that the animals spent the night in different cages, and the predator roaring all night.

The fate of the animals and the history of their friendship was of great public interest. The site Safari Park in the last days there was a lot of comments with the requests to resettle tiger and a goat, in spite of the friendly behavior of the predator.

It has been reported that the tiger is still receiving live prey (rabbits) twice a week, and goats are now decided not to give him.

4 December, it became known for goat have arranged additional “bedroom” in the Seaside Safari Park.


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