Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nikolai Drozdov did not believe in friendship of the Amur tiger goat Timur – Proceedings

Friendship inhabitants of Primorsky Safari Park Timur and Cupid – fiction. That is a well-known TV presenter and Doctor of Biological Sciences Nikolai Drozdov. Hungry tiger eats his friend without hesitation.

«a certain risk for the goat there. Suddenly want to eat the tiger, zoo workers be late for an hour, he was one stroke pereshibёt his spine “- quoted” Russian news service “Drozdov.

The scientist said the friendship between a goat and tiger figment of the imagination of people. By the manifestations of the imagination and longing he carries a goat who drank and ate, he left without a friend. South Korean broadcasting company interested in an unusual natural phenomenon and decided to make a film, directed by Park Suenga. Timur and Cupid – not the first characters in his paintings of Russian inhabitants of the zoo. In 2010, he directed “Disappearing emperors of Siberia” on tigers in Lazovsky reserve Primorye. The director considers this exemplary history.

Friends can separate at the time of marriage and mating with the Amur tigress Ussuri. The female is now 1 year and 8 months, and is ready to reproduce it is to three years. Workers safari park planning resettlement friends to the bride did not eat the goat.



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