Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Putin: “You do not frighten us Stalin!” – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Russia is preparing an appeal to the International Court on the Ukrainian debt

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The Mariinsky Theatre opens Seaside Branch and reoriented to the Far East, and the government continues to build an energy bridge leading to the Crimea and complex negotiations about the restructuring of Ukrainian debts and association of Ukraine with the European Union. This December 9 discussed in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin meets with members of the Board of Trustees of the Mariinsky Theatre, and then with members of the government.

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Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Now, there is no doubt: in the circumstances, Russia will refocus on the East not only the economy with politics, and cultural ties:

– his 233rd season Mariinsky Theatre marked the creation of the Far Eastern branch in Primorye – appealed to the members of the board of trustees Vladimir Putin. – In particular, there will be an international music festival, an analogue of St. Petersburg “White Nights».

– The Mariinsky Theatre and in fact was enlarged considerably – agreed artistic director Valery Gergiev. – We have received more than one million people. And this experience will help us in the creative work in the Far East. With the support of trustees and hopefully Aeroflot Russian Railways and Far Eastern part of the program will become more accessible. This region is very important and very actively developed.

The only problem with the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev says, is now a housing. But it with the board of trustees can be and decide, “and this would be the main result of our work today”, – has made it clear he is, looking in the direction of trustees of “Gazprom».

Having said that his cherished dream , artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre went to the approaching 125th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Prokofiev. However, “Prokofiev does not need our support – it is alive as ever – he said. – However, a matter of honor for the musicians and the state do everything to 2016 all have an idea of ​​the musical activities of Prokofiev and never longer with him did not leave ».

– Prokofiev died on the same day as Stalin, and today he is one of the most performed composers – suddenly ended his speech Gergiev.

– You do not frighten us Stalin! – Putin responded. – And we will not put them in a row: Prokofiev is Prokofiev, and Stalin is Stalin.

On the assistance that “Gazprom” will Mariinsky journalists initially failed to find out, as this part of the meeting the head of state with trustees Board was closed. However, later, Valery Gergiev said that “two big companies expressed their readiness to support us -” Gazprom “and the Savings Bank. And Vladimir Vladimirovich proposed to declare 2016 the Year of Prokofiev ».

Putin meeting with members of the Ukrainian government opened issues. December 2, Energy Minister Alexander Novak, was put into operation the first stage of the energy bridge between Russia and the Crimea, and on December 8 restored the first of four lines connecting Crimea with Ukraine. It is allowed to cover 80 to 100% of needs of the newly annexed territory of Russia, and 100% will be closed only after the introduction of December 15 of the second Russian energy bridge, and in May 2016 – two more.

– Well, once Ukraine resumed electricity supplies, we need to resume the supply of coal to Ukraine, – concluded Putin. – However, it is inconceivable that when we fully cover the needs of the Crimea, keep the contract for the supply of electricity from Ukraine, to anyone not to put in a difficult position.

continuing complex negotiations on the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt and the association between Ukraine and EU , reported to the President, Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev. Putin approved the proposal in Siluanova if 10 days remaining until the maturity of the debt, Ukraine will not do, to prepare an appeal to the International Court. Not set and negotiations with Brussels on the association of Ukraine with the European Union. European officials, as it turns out, are not ready for the establishment of a transition period, which involves simultaneous action on the Ukrainian market for 10 years of technical and sanitary standards of the EU and the CIS, which means the actual expulsion of Russian goods to the Ukrainian market. The chances of success seem to be enough. Putin, however, despite this, has offered to continue negotiations to a January 1, 2016 to enter the agreement, suiting even to a small extent the two sides.


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