Monday, December 14, 2015

RTR explained the removal of the air transmission Mikhalkov “Besogon TV” – BBC Russian

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Image caption The latest release of the program “Besogon TV” Mikhalkov became the first fallen under the ban

holding VGTRK confirmed that refused to air the latest edition of the author’s program of Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Besogon TV”.

The message Holding said that the decision was made for ethical reasons. VGTRK clarified that does not allow for the broadcast of its channels materials that colleagues can be seen as hostile and abusive.

“In the experience of the 1990 Russian television knows how to emerge and the consequences of the” essential war “- the report says. At the same time holding stresses that a long association with director and is ready to cooperate with them on.

Earlier, Mikhalkov said that VGTRK has forbidden to be shown on “Russia 24″ final, the 38th edition of its transmission “Besogon TV”, which was scheduled on 12 December. The director said that the previous 37 editions aired freely.

In the end, Mikhalkov made a decision to put the transfer on YouTube. It was found that the program was devoted to the commentator ” Match TV “Alexei Andronov, who abruptly put social networking to the supporters of the” Russian world “.

The program Mikhalkov criticized Andronov and accused him of Russophobia. Similar claims the director suggested to other TV journalists, including the Matthew Ganapolsky.


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