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Today, the Mariinsky Year literature pass the baton to the Year of the movie – Russian newspaper

From the Year of Literature in century literature – so ready to tell everyone who became a member of the events of this 12-month marathon book

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This year, many bibliophiles seen as a year of happiness. Bright and unusual literary events, competitions and festivals held throughout the country. In Blagoveshchensk janitor he collected rare books, at Yasnaya Polyana cooked literary jam prescription Sofya Andreyevna, Voronezh children wrote letters to Chekhov’s Vanka Zhukov, and the winner of “Open your mouth,” proudly took to the trolley with Danilovsky Market 25 kg of food.

The most memorable event was the festival “Books of Russia” on the Red Square. Four days writers presented news, traders were selling books – truly the most massive event in the last few years. As if there lived a lifetime. They tried to hide from the “cold” with Andrew Gelasimov listened “Capel” theater “Practice” went in “Panic Room” Vadim Leventhal, canceled visas with Vladimir Pozner, searched for “Godless lane” Marina Stepnova studied the “ABC” with BDT, was asked to take “Autumn in the pockets of” Andrew Astvatsaturova, prepared “Pilaf” with Stalikom Khankishiyeva, went to the “fun school children’s writers” Andrey Usachev, wrote the letter “Vanka Zhukov,” participated in the “duel in the dictionary,” sang with Zakhar Prilepin and walked through the “reading circle” with the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov.

60 hours in the air to read the works of Leo Tolstoy participants of the “War and Peace”: read the novel “

In the evening, during concerts and theatrical performances, despite the rainy weather, the free seats in front of the main stage was not found, people were even on the pavement, enjoying what is happening and not with the incomparable sunsets over the State Historical Museum. It was great. If called, no doubt – will come again. Because the book is changing not only the people, but and the place, even if settled here only for a while.

Today we sum up the year literature. We say what he remembered us that the value we would like to take away from him in the coming years. And let them not will be officially literary, but without this kind of art do still not be able to. Otherwise, how to draw plots directors whose characters try actors in the coming year, the Year of the movie? Yes, and readers another where to find the best companion – for the soul and the mind?

One of the photographic evidence to the memory of 2015 will be the album “Year of the victory of literature” which we today and turn over, remembering the bright pages of these days.

Absolutely crazy at first it seemed to share VGTRK “War and Peace “: read a novel.” But when the line of the great works of Leo Tolstoy sounded on the TV channel “Russia-Culture” and the radio station “Mayak” many “stuck”, watching and listening – that happens fascinated. Nothing of the kind in the history of TV has not been: 1300 people live within 60 hours of reading a novel.

1,8 million pages of books were read during the reader’s vote for the award “Big Book” on the service Bookmate

An impressive was the festival “Book Market” Danilovsky market. Vegetable and fruit ranks safely diluted rows of bookshelves: smart participated fifty publishing houses belonging to the “Book Alliance.” Some buyers are coming out of habit shopping, diva given what is happening, there were even those who was carrying a bag of food and returned for good literature.

And, of course, the main opening of the Year of literature became a writer Guzel Yakhina and her novel “Zuleiha opens the eyes”.

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The time gazing out into something, the more you see. Book World is not separated from us opaque glass, and there are many problems that can not be solved with a wave of a magic wand. To live together, as requested by the cat Leopold, we have not learned. There were also offended by the writers and critics of literature events of the Year. Yes, bookstores closed, yes, mess going on in some libraries, but was introduced to collect shopping … We have yet to solve the problems that arose somehow arise and will arise.

You can read aloud to himself, in the squares and in libraries, tattered book and e-reader. Place, time and carrier – is not important. The main thing – to read, discover and learn new things through books. Russia – literaturotsentrichnaya country, so there is no doubt that in the future, in 2016, we are as bright and scale to celebrate the anniversary of Osip Mandelstam and Mikhail Bulgakov, as in this celebrated around the date of Boris Pasternak and Mikhail Sholokhov, Joseph Brodsky and Konstantin Simonov.

25 kg of vegetables and fruits has taken away the winner of the championship of readers, “Open your mouth” with Danilovsky Market

Finally, open the building of the State Literary Museum on Zubovsky Boulevard, which will house chamber exhibition about the life and work of Alexei Remizov and Alexander Vertinsky, and Osip Mandelstam, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Lily Brik, Andrey Voznesensky and Arseny Tarkovsky. And, of course, we meet on the second festival “Books of Russia” on the Red Square. And, as said at the opening of the International Fair of Intellectual Literature non / fiction Irina Prokhorova, thanks to those who invests in the book, but not in jewelry, and thus investing in the future.

I want to believe that it would be and further. Year ends with literature – century literature continues.

Guzel Yakhina with debut novel “Zuleiha opens his eyes,” it was the most striking and beautiful opening of the Year of literature. The novel, published in “Revised Shubina Elena” about a peasant, oppressed, first-in-law, nicknamed Upyrihoy, and then sent to the freight car to Siberia, won not only the literary community, which is important, but also ordinary readers. Yakhina won in several awards: “The Big Book”, “Yasnaya Polyana” and “Book of the Year.” It is more accurate to say one of the recipients of her writer Eugene Vodolazkin, by the way, the winner of “Big Book” in 2013: “Yakhina burst into the literary world. It read, discuss, welcome.

120 liters ‘Literary Jam’ was brewed within the “Russian newspaper”

I have seen in this book point of ancestral memory, feel the personal pain of the author. When you read the novel, I had the feeling that the heroine took me by the hand and led him in the past. And We, the readers, to believe it. I realized: it is not a sham, but the real, authentic. ” The readers have confirmed it – left feysbuchnyh 486 “likes” in the referendum for the award “Big Book.” It is in this simple way you can vote for their favorite work from the list of finalists to Guzel and “Zuleiha” carried away with the ceremony just two statuettes “Big Book.” Rarely who did it. Modest Guzel Yakhina only had time to say thank-you speech from the stage.

No matter what Pushkin wrote in his blog? Why 36 writers declare his love to the Crimea? Can we consider the “Kreutzer Sonata” by Leo Tolstoy judgment of the family? Who are the winners of the nose works as a cashier? Why Prilepin singing? What are the poetic lines were born on that day? To put questions and to find answers – task GodLiteratury.RF site, created by the decision of the Organizing Committee for Russia’s Year of Literature. The site has become not only a news aggregator, but a place where you can always read good literature.

Year of the literature it was impossible to summarize the book. Therefore, and was released the album “Year of the victory of literature.” Flip through pages with vivid literary event of the year – a pleasure. Among the most memorable – letters Vanka Zhukov, who wrote the students of Voronezh village Kolbina. The author of the project was the rural librarian Nina Sotnikova, who leads the “School of creative reading”.

It is learned that the story of “Vanya” by Anton Chekhov removed from the curriculum, and decided therefore to draw the attention of students in this work.

2,5 million adolescents have participated in the All-Russian competition for young readers “Live Classics”

The kids liked the idea, and they are joined with an interest in the literary game. They invited Vanya to himself, promised to feed candy to teach skating and even donate boots so that he could escape to the village to his grandfather.

The refined “literary jam” of gooseberries on a cherry broth that is cooked on prescription 200 years ago in the museum estate of playwright Alexander Ostrovsky “Shchelykovo” in Kostroma region. But the birthday of Sophia Andreevna Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana prepared dessert, a hair’s breadth which was in the novel “Anna Karenina”.

The project “Literary Jam”, will let you know what a treat prepared in the estates Writers according to ancient recipes, coined “RG” that the reader is familiar with the museums of Russian poets and writers, and it was informative and delicious.

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