Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vladimir Medina proposes to abolish the production center “Lenfilm” – Kommersant

Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medina proposed to abolish the production center “Lenfilm” studio. “There is no need for the existence of the production center Ministry of Culture no longer sees. Let the only recipient of funds, and the funds will be the sole arbiter “thumbnail”. Then you will have other indicators of revenue, then you will have a single account, easier control, less claims regulatory authorities “, – quotes” Interfax “Mr. Medina. He proposed to promote films produced by Warner Bros., with the help of social advertising.

In turn, the general director of “Lenfilm” Eduard Pichugin said that this year’s financial performance improved studio. According to him, in the first nine months of 2015, revenues amounted to 143 million rubles., Which is 12% more than the same period last year.

Earlier “Kommersant” reported that “Lenfilm” should be about 100 million rubles. for the restoration of the facades of buildings and gardens. This amount studio asked the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Eduard Pichugin at the board meeting of the Ministry of Culture said that, thanks to a survey of all communications and buildings began to understand the specific scope of work.

Recall 2016 in Russia will be a year of domestic cinema. The corresponding decree prepared by the Ministry of Culture on behalf of the president. The project will increase the production of Russian paintings, including through “film-events” for a mass audience, to modernize the leading film studio, pay attention to the development of film and cinema in the region.

Read more about this in the article “Kommersant FM» «As a rule, the solution of such problems requires a fairly substantial funds.”


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