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Today, June 30, 2016 in the “Russian” theater of the solemn closing ceremony of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival. Perhaps the main star of the first carpet, and then the ceremony was the leading evening Natalia Oreiro, who came to the closing of the MIFF in the company review the color – red. But she was surprised by all the participants that are not – actress and singer spoke in Russian, saying the welcoming speech and then sang his famous song «Cambio dolor», known admirers of her talent on the TV series “Wild Angel»
But the main points of the ceremony traditionally have been associated with the award winners.

The main prize was a picture of “Daughter” directed by Reza Mirkarimi. Rasstrogavshis, he admitted that for the sake of a reward is ready to make another film: “I am extremely happy to receive this prize. First of all I would like to thank the audience and the jury. This is the second time I’m taking the Golden George from Moscow, and both times – for films about family values. Failure to do so may be costly to society, so never forget about such important things. I promise I wanted another movie to get more of the third George. »

The best director was recognized Pook Grasten, putting contest tape” 37 ” . Interestingly, not only the fact that the second consecutive year the prize goes to the director-woman (probably echoing the actual topic nowadays), but also that the second consecutive year, this award receives a Dane. Jury member Ulrike Ottinger pointed out that, although for Grasten this is the first full meter, it has already proven to be a very talented filmmaker, taking off a real masterpiece. Sama award winner said: “For me this is more than a movie. This picture comes from the heart. »

Special Jury Prize was awarded the painting” Singing shoes “Radoslav Spassov. After rising to the scene, he said: “I am delighted that the second time I participate in this forum, but I always found it easier, when the actress received the award, and I sat in the room and was glad for it. But seriously, for me it is a punishment and testing. Those 10 years that I’ve been doing this film, were very heavy. And only now, holding in the hands of this award, I understand that he was happy that I had the strength to complete the picture and show it to you. »

the prize is for the best actor Farhat left Aslani, who played his father in the film “daughter”. The actor could not attend the ceremony, so the award was handed to the director Reza Mirkarimi. “Usually I do not cooperate with one and the same actor twice. But Farhat I worked already twice, and I hope that this is not the last time we work together, “- said Mirkarimi

The performer of the title role. Shroud in the movie Teresa Malvar also could not come to Moscow, and on behalf of the director received the prize picture Dzhover Ralston, who also spoke about his impressions of working with the actress, “She is only 13 years old and this is her second film. Seeing it on the samples, I immediately realized that he had found his heroine, and immediately told her mother – she will go far »

 The special prize “For the conquest vertices of acting and fidelity to the principles of the school, KS Stanislavsky “handed Marina Neelova that added bit of humor evening:” I have hope – now I know that someone believes in me. I hope that this prize will not be the fact that for scientists means the Nobel Prize, will mark them for the tombstone and after obtaining that they did not achieve significant results in the profession. I still hope to do something, if I’m given the opportunity. In general, all you need to know about the awards and bonuses – Mozart no audio. Thank you”.

 Closed the ceremony the President of the review Nikita Mikhalkov also did not miss the opportunity to make a joke – referring to the chairman of the jury Ivaylo Christ to return the gold chain, which is the head of the jury receives the opening and returns after the announcement of results of review and that Christ did not wish to give (of course, also in the playful manner), Khrushchev said, “Give me the chain, and it is not allowed out of the country.” But after continued in a more serious vein: “It was the hardest festival for many years. Moscow is built, the heat, the sanctions, but the festival is still living, and this is the greatest happiness! I bow to the review team. ”

 38 Moscow International Film Festival is adjourned, but a year later review again greet all the filmmakers and film lovers.

PRIZES 38 Moscow International Film Festival:

   The grand prize “Golden George»



   Special Jury Prize “Silver George»

 Singing SHOES (director Radoslaw saved, Bulgaria)


   The prize “Silver George” for the best director’s work

 BUNCH Grasten (37, Denmark-United States)


   The prize “Silver George” for the best male role

 FARKHAD Aslan (Daughter of Iran)


   The prize “Silver George” for best actress



   The prize “Silver George” for the best documentary film competition

 MS B. HISTORY OF WOMEN FROM NORTH KOREA (director YOON Cheraw, South Korea, France)


   Award for the best short film



   Prizes for his contribution to world cinema

 Sergey Solovyev (Russia)

 Carlos Saura (Spain)

 Stephen Frears (UK)


   A special prize “For the conquest vertices of acting and fidelity to the principles of the school, KS Stanislavsky »

 MARINA Neyolova (Russia)


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