Sunday, June 5, 2016

Leonid Yuzefovich won the “Natsbest 2016″ – BBC

A small jury of the “National bestseller” Literary Award announced the results of the 2015-2016 season’s

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winner of the award was Leonid Yuzefovich with historical research “Winter road»

This is a documentary novel about the civil war.. Writer has announced it at the beginning of zero, but finalized just last year – the book was published in the summer of 2015. The heroes of the novel were two historical figures of the time – white General Anatoly Pepeljaev and anarchist Ivan Strode. They fought each other during the Battle of the taiga, the squad Pepelyaeva besieged Stroda detachment tract Sasyl-Sysy, but was defeated, and the general himself fled and later surrendered. Their fate has developed in different ways – Pepeliaev served 13 years, and Strode was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, he graduated from the Academy named after Frunze, but ended their lives the same way – at the time of the Great Terror, they were accused of counterrevolutionary activity, and shot. Both of them have been rehabilitated – Strode in 1957, and Pepeliaev -. In 1989.

Yuzefovich already addressed the topic of the Civil War – for example, in the documentary “Autocrat of the Desert” ., dedicated to Baron Ungern von Sternberg

of the six members of the jury “Natsbesta” for the “winter roads” have voted three – stage director, artistic director of the Bolshoi Drama theater Tovstonogov Andrew Mighty, actor and musician, a member of the creative association “Gasometer” Oleg Cargo and winner of last year’s writer Sergei Nosov. Nosov spoke last, and his voice was determined the winner.

Leonid Yuzefovich, incidentally, was also the leader of the Grand Jury Award voting. However, the gap between the competitors had been considerably less than that of last year Nosov – “Winter Road” received 12 points, Eldar Sattorov with a story about Vietnam “Transit Saigon – Almaty” – nine, Aglaia Toporova with his impressions from a decade of living in Kiev “Ukraine three revolutions” – eight, “autochthonous” Maria Galina – seven, and “queue” Michael Odnobibla (an obvious alias, this novel manuscript nominated critic Lev Danilkin.) – five

and if the leadership Yuzefovich Small jury confirmed it’s the second largest of votes in the final, “Natsbesta” got just “Queues»

for this book, voted two -. artist Marina Alekseeva and literature teacher, chairman of the Guild of language and literature, Sergei Volkov, who, he said, wanted to give a chance to the manuscript Odnobibla reach readers. Another Voice – animator Konstantin Bronzit – went to “autochthonous” Galina. However, the Galina has a chance to get even with the “winter roads” – both of these novels are part of a short list of “Big Book”, the winners of which will be announced in late autumn

The Voice of honorary chairman of the jury -. Psychiatrist and president Union’s mental health Natalia Treushnikovoy (on “Natsbeste” the role traditionally played by people not connected with literature and art) to determine the winner is not needed.


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