Saturday, June 18, 2016

Published trailer exposing the Oliver Stone film “Ukraine in the fire” – Version

June 16 with the network has a trailer with a Russian translation of the documentary “Ukraine in the fire» (Ukraine on fire). Co-produced paintings made by Oliver Stone, who is known for his revealing work.

Home media expert has published Anatoly Shary . The video begins with shots that were filmed on the Maidan in February 2014 (a coup in Ukraine).

On the creation of Ukraine on fire worked Russian-US group: a famous American film director Oliver Stone is declared as author interviews and co-produced, directed by Igor Lapotenok (film producer, specializes in the application of digital technology, including colorization of films) and Ben Bywater (American producer, actor) . Stone took an active part in the creation of the tape. He visited Russia and Ukraine and conducted a series of interviews with leaders of the two countries:. President Vladimir Putin and ex-head of state Victor Yanukovich The questions themselves, according to Oliver Stone , was Igor Lopatenyuk (born in Ukraine, currently lives in the United States) , which, in his opinion, is well versed in this situation, despite the move to America.

Italian La Repubblica noted that the film is dedicated to Ukrainian history in the period from 1941 to 2014. However, a key theme of the painting was the US role in the events related to the coup in Ukraine. In an interview with the Italian edition of Oliver Stone , said that the US has a powerful influence on the transformation of Ukraine into a hostile country Russia.

Stone is known as a critic of US policy. Here are a few films that caused a mixed reaction of his countrymen: “The Untold Story US” (2012-2013) , “Nixon” (1995) , “Bush” (2008) . Not far off, and the premiere of the film “Snowden”, which will also be discussed vigorously. Picture Ukraine on fire was first shown on June 16 at the Sicilian Film Festival Taormina Film Fest (11-18 June) . The film was awarded as the best documentary film.


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