Friday, June 24, 2016

The monument to Pushkin away from the center of Moscow – TVNZ

Since July 4, Pushkin Square away the world famous monument to the poet. Rather, it will be hidden behind scaffolding for renovation. But onlookers will leave “window” – a transparent part of the fence, through which it will be possible to observe the repair

The monument began to clean up last summer.. With it removed decorative fence – bronze chain. They constantly broke and stole seems very passionate fans talent Pushkin . Some links in the chains before all lying on the ground, and in other places – have deteriorated fasteners. Then the chain is fully updated. And then came the turn of the poet himself.

The granite monument of the clean from dirt, and close up the voids between the stone blocks, as well as re-stage was packed and plates around it. Bronze sculptures by special technology “washed clean” of a dense layer of so-called wild patina. Because of the her Pushkin Now if covered with patches of green and blue

-. Patina partly be removed during the restoration, – explained in the Department of Cultural Heritage Moscow . – Specialists will conduct trials of clearing bronze monument to the surface, as well as determine the final methods and technology of its restoration. Perhaps the color of the bronze monument after that change.

In addition, for the protection of the monument will make copies of historical circuits. Until now, their reduced chunks. Although they are not strong, but still differ from each other. Now, the remaining original parts otolyut chains and establish accurate bronze “replica” of the original fence.

Under the feet of Pushkin will remove the flower bed. Instead, it was packed granite slabs. It will have to make due to the fact that during the Flower watering water gets on the foundation of the monument and its spoils. Updated monument to Alexander Pushkin Muscovites and visitors will see in November.

Recall Pushkin Square along with the Tver Street hit this year in program improvement ” My street”. In the area already repaired road surface and sidewalks. All wires and communication hidden under the ground.


The monument to Alexander Pushkin by sculptor Alexander Opekushin opened in Moscow in June 1880. First bronze statue stood at the beginning of the Boulevard at the Holy Square (now – Pushkinskaya -. Ed.). In 1950 he moved to the opposite side of the square. Restoration was carried out over the years only twice – in 1993 and 2003.



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