Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elizabeth II conferred knighthood singer Rod Stewart –

Queen Elizabeth II conferred knighthood singer Rod Stewart, reports Reuters. 71-year-old rock musician, known for such hits as Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? and Maggie May, entered the list of 1149 award recipients

Also, the Knights began a 99-year-old singer Vera Lynn, speaking before the British military during the Second World War.; first visited the International Space Station British astronaut Tim Peak; former football player of the English team, Alan Shearer and others.

Every year the knighthood awarded by tradition famous people, philanthropists, those whose merits are recognized by the British crown.

The announcement of the award was timed to coincide with the celebrations for the occasion of the official birth date of the monarch. Elizabeth, who is on the throne 64 years, 90 years in April, but according to tradition, the beginning of which is necessary in 1748, on the occasion of the birthday celebrations are usually in June, when, as a rule, the weather is better.

at St. Paul Elizabeth herself attended the ceremony at London’s cathedral, all the senior members of the royal family, as well as Prime Minister David Cameron.


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