Sunday, June 12, 2016

Interview with Keira Knightley – BBC

On the “Kinotavr”, the premiere of the film “The Collector” – a benefit Keira Knightley, who played a bank collector, faced with the consequences of their deeds. For almost half an hour of screen time on the screen does not appear anyone but the artist and many of his heroes phones. After showing the “Times” had a talk with the artist

-. What, moreover, that this monofilm, for you were acting in the interest and challenge of the work <-! place 8297261, / culture / 2016/06/10 / a_8297261.shtml, nm2015 / v2 / article / incut, incut1_link ->

– Well, on the surface it is that it is a race for one human. But in addition, it is an interesting story – not just a story about the movement of funds, traffic graphs, and so on. A story of a man at the time of stop and rethink some values ​​

You see, we do not always find the courage to ask ourselves. “What are you doing? Who do you close? Do you need these people “came just such a painful moment, the moment of decision-making

For the hero of the film -. We are after the show with several colleagues were discussing a simple question. How do you think the hero, considering the kind of its activity, it is a good person

-? He is a talented and charming. Another thing is that it causes many to say the least inconvenience, but still – it’s his job. The surgeon cuts the same person on the living, but he also does not do it to hurt, but on the contrary, to remove anything superfluous from the body. My character is a fantasy about his work, but in reality it just tells people: “You have taken the money, please return.” In fact, it just encourages accountable for their actions. This is a good man? Let us understand what are the people who urge us to answer for his words and even more so for their deeds. I think the poor could not call them

-. The hero in the process several times represented by different people. It has some basis? Collectors really behave this way

-? This is his technique, his fantasies, in which he began to play. Our director Aleksey Krasovsky, as far as I know, studied the methods of work of the collectors. But I can say for sure that such technologies exist and have been used successfully, for example, your colleagues (smiles). And why did not they may exist in banking?

– And you with collectors faced in life?

– I am responsible for my actions, and therefore face I did not have with them

-. in one of your interviews I read that the task of the actor is to give something to the hero and at the same time to take something from him. Can you say that you gave and took from Arthur

-? Well, I picked up while I can not say – not enough time has passed, it is not known yet what will remain. In general, as I said, very close to me it was this situation to stop and question yourself. The one question that we are trying to avoid in order not to create problems for yourself in life. Is there any way of installation, we go with the flow – it’s easier

And there are people who are beginning to ask questions and get out of the usual flow of life.. That was the main thing for me

. <-! Place 8298311, / culture / 2016/06/10 / a_8298311.shtml, nm2015 / v2 / article / incut, incut2_link ->

– yesterday I realized that a row in the program showed three films with the main actors of zero – with Gosha Kutsenko, with you and …

– with Sergei Bezrukov

– Yes. And I remember as a zero of you had nowhere to go. You were on television, in movies … But now is not the first time in recent years come to “Kinotavr” with the author’s paintings. It informed choice

-? I try, if possible, more than shoot a good movie. It just so happens that “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away” and now “good boy” and “Collector” got into the program “Kinotavr”. But at the same I’m doing in the space epic “first time”, there is quite a different scale, but this picture is no different from the auteur cinema in terms of approach to business – it is also a story of people. On the set of “Geography” in Perm I came two days after he finished shooting the tremendous American project with a huge budget.

And I have seen the difference in terms of budget, but in regard to the relationship to the case, it was all the same

-. How are you, by the way, things are going to work abroad? Now Russian artists are increasingly trying to build a parallel career

-. I well understand the opportunities, and I prefer to work in their native language – now, thank God, enough sentences in their native language. There are several projects, some very interesting directors and stories, now just trying to make sure that work on them are not simultaneously and consistently.


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