Monday, June 13, 2016

Astvatsaturov: The death of Oleg Karavaichuk – loss for the whole intellectual world – Rosbalt.RU

 The death of the composer Oleg Karavaichuk – it is a huge loss for the entire intellectual world as a whole. So I commented on the tragic news writer, linguist Andrew Astvatsaturov.

 “This is a huge loss for our intellectual, our cultural context. This is the case when the words do not convey the extent of the loss. I was not acquainted with him. He wrote about it some “DSA history.” But I’m not sure that now is appropriate to recall them in connection with what happened “, – she told the correspondent of” Rosbalt “Astvatsaturov

 Famous composer Oleg Karavaichuk died on 89 th year of life in one of St. Petersburg hospitals.

 The musician became famous for his virtuoso playing and flamboyant fashion statements. In Soviet times, concerts Karavaichuk banned, some of his works have not yet been released and stored in the archive.


 In recent years, he lived at his dacha in Komarovo near St. Petersburg.


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