Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moscow hosted the closing ceremony of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival – BBC

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The biggest splash on the red carpet in a predictable manner has caused the emergence of the recovered Nikita Mikhalkov. Fresh and hearty MIFF President gladly embraced Olga Kabo, smiling all present and gave an interview. Just closing ceremony began with a humorous cover version of Lady Gaga «Paparazzi» with the corps de ballet, swinging Selfie stick. Finished rooms overlook Natalia Oreiro, who became the first master of the ceremony. The singer, who arrived at the Russian premiere of the documentary “Our Natasha”, laughing merrily, tried to talk with the audience in Russian, but soon abandoned the attempt and moved to Spanish.

The first award of the 38th International Film Festival predictably went documentary film “Mrs. B. The history of women in North Korea.” Director Jung Cheraw first of all stated that “Silver George” “tyazhelenky”, and then plunged into the memories of that to film was too easy, and told about what a difficult life lived for his heroine. Entered into a rage Jung long and generally told how difficult life is on the Korean peninsula, but at some point came to his senses, thanked Mikhalkov and retreated. In turn, the prize for best short film, left the film “Full selfie».

Director Nicole Branding for the festival learned to say “oh well” and said she did not expect invitations to the festival for a long time could not believe his good fortune

The first two winners had on colleagues several corrupting effect:. when to award the prize for best actor went jury member and actress Victoria Isakova, she, too, if would have welcomed the opportunity to talk. However, despite the intention of the actress moved fairly quickly to the decision of the jury, which awarded Farhat Asllani for the father’s role in the film “Daughter”. Then it’s time of the next musical number – on stage again ran backing dancers and Oreiro sang a song from the TV series “Wild Angel”. Such a dose of nostalgia plunged the audience into a stupor, and jokes of the next presenter, who has become the actor Yegor koreshkov, Hall was able to respond immediately. Best actress Teresa became Malvar from the movie “The shroud” about Filipino street children

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Since then, the ceremony has gone much more energetic. Ulrike Ottinger has reported that the best director of the jury this year appointed a Danish Puk Grasten for the film “37″ about the rape of the witnesses, who in different ways are experiencing what he saw. Special prizes were awarded picture Radoslav Spassov “Singing shoes” about Bulgarian composer who suddenly finds out that his wife worked for a long time secret service informant. Spasov could not help for a long time told me that it was very difficult to shoot a picture, and one colleague even died during filming. Discharge after a dramatic speech was a performance of the song from the film “The Blue Bird”, dated to the first pochemu-to in Russian film screenings.

The main prize went to hand the actress Julia Peresild that without warning read a poem about how well go out into the woods, to pretend to a tree, and then find yourself a hollow. After that, the stage still left Ivaylo Hristov, to give the Grand Prix of the festival film “Daughter».

Thus, the only Russian film competition “The Monk and the devil” Nicholas Dostal was left without a prize.

and finally, of course, cheers broke Nikita Mikhalkov. At first, he finally made a joke about the chain of the chairman of the jury ( “Give it, Ivaylo, you will not be released out of the country”). Then Khrushchev went on to solo performances, pleased to begin the festival is still alive, in spite of everything, and thanked Sergei Sobyanin for help with the festival

«This is the greatest happiness when you are protected. – back to back “, – said Mikhalkov. Natalia Oreiro was honored by the president of the festival speech struck the audience in Spanish, which, however, for some reason, no one moved. Finally honorary prize of Stanislavsky “I Believe” Mikhalkov presented Neelova Marina, noting that this actress is so talented and original, it’s even a bit humiliating for him. At the official part ended and the guests went to walk in the lobby, while the stage was prepared for the closing film – “Social Life” by Woody Allen



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