Saturday, June 25, 2016

Legendary Aerosmith announced decay and farewell tour – Russian Newspaper

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Aerosmith Group congress in farewell tour, after which will be dissolved. This was announced by its frontman Steven Tyler in an interview with the popular American radio host Howard Stern.


The singer has the unofficial title of “the biggest mouth in rock music”, he said that Aerosmith break up after 46 years of successful career. But the musicians are going to hold even a farewell world tour in 2017. After that, each of the five will be engaged in their private affairs.

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And he, Steven Tyler, 15 July to release a solo album We’re All Somebody From Somewhere – 13 new songs, now in the country tradition, recorded with the support of the famous producer T Bone Banetta .

In the news sounded nothing unexpected. A year ago, before Aerosmith began to gather at the concert on City Day in Moscow, “RG” observer of the United States tried to find at least one of the five stellar musicians. And I could not do it. Tour manager then explained: “Right now, the band is not touring, so everyone in the Aerosmith lives its own life That’s why I did not immediately respond to an invitation – it was impossible to quickly everyone and musicians and all their numerous concert crew:. Technicians, sound engineer. , masters of the world and so on. Some of the guys have even live in other cities “.


Now the sad truth became reality:. Each in Aerosmith now – itself




Aerosmith always loved Moscow. They were made in SC “Olympic” May 24, 2014. A September 5, 2015 – Day in the city. And, in his spare time, Steve Tyler strolled through the city and, once on the Arbat, even sang with street musicians. Just like that, without money – with joy and spiritual latitude



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