Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photos soloist Rammstein T-shirt with Putin was a fake –

Photo Rammstein singer Till Lindemann in a shirt with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin and gold iPhone 6s with the image of the Russian leader turned out to be a fake. Denial was published on the website Caviar brand.

Representatives apologized for spreading false information and pictures posted without retouching. They are depicted on the shirt Lindemann’s skull, but the musician is still holding a box with a gold iPhone.

The Caviar also said it is wrong to convey the contents of the conversation with the singer of Rammstein. “Caviar Brand apologizes for incorrectly interpreted and published information”, – reported in the text of refutation

June 20 press service issued a media Caviar Lindemann photos with the iPhone with Putin’s portrait.. The commentary to pictures, they stated that Rammstein frontman reportedly spoke out against European sanctions against Russia, thanked Putin for his support, and said that “even in Germany, Angela Merkel can not boast of such popularity, Putin”. Many media outlets have published this information as accurate.

June 19 Rammstein, the band performed at the festival Maxidrom 2016. The concert was held at the stadium “Arena Opening.” The German team, which became the headliner of the event, presented a new fireworks show.

Under the brand Caviar sold iPhone smart phones and Apple Watch Watch, which is used for the finishing of gold, mahogany and polished. Design gadgets developed in collaboration with Italian designer Paolo Reate and Daniel Mazzoni.


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