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On “Kinotavr” again wins the movie viewer – Independent Newspaper

“Good boy,” was the best film of the weakest in recent years, the program of the Sochi festival

 cinema festival Kinotavr Shot from the movie” Good boy “(2016 , Dir. Oksana Karas)


The main prize of the 27th “Kinotavr” has got a picture of Oksana Karas “Good boy.” Like last year, when the Grand Prix was awarded to the film “About Love” by Anna Melikyan, the jury gave the award spectator cinema. This first competition film, the main role of which Simon performed Treskunov Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Efremov and Alexander Pahl, and remained the best work of the festival – the weakest in recent years


The ceremony of announcement of winners, as does the festival, held under the general perplexity and frustration mark. It began with the awarding of the Guild of Film Critics, who gave the main prize “Zoology” Ivan Tverdovskogo and limited with only one diploma – it has received documentary student Marina Razbezhkina Denis Shabaeva “Someone Else’s Work”. The same film – an objective, along with the “good boy”, the strongest in the competition – has been recognized by the debut of the year


should be declared the winner of the competition of short films. Of the 26 works presented, among which were “Zabelin”, filmed students Bakura Bakuradze and artistically superior to all films, even the main competition, and the magnificent “Sisters” Natasha Merkulova Victoria Isakova and Victoria Tolstoganova and absurdist comedy “Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova “and” Es as the dollar, the point G “, the jury chose the” Loan “Vadim Valiullina. The original story of the mortgage, the shape is more like a skit.


The stars and members of the jury preceded the announcement of winners of matter, one way or another, even in a joking manner, if confirmed by the general deplorable state of contemporary Russian cinema – at least, the newest, presented at “Kinotavr” in the Year of the Russian cinema. Igor Wernick threatened to become a screenwriter, and after this statement a prize named after Grigory Gorin for the best scenario, though, ironically, was Konstantin Chelidze in one of the worst film competition – “The lights of a big village” Ilya Teacher telling about how projectionist provincial theater to save it from demolition, he begins to make a film. A film about the amateur filmmakers, though, and shot the same distant from the movie people, with Dmitry Dyuzheva as Dmitry Dyuzheva. The surprise was that the “lights” were also a special diploma of the jury – with the phrase “the best movie about the movie.” On the other hand, this film, in fact, represents the status quo.


«There was decent, had to give the best,” – Sergey operator Machilsky said awarding the prize for best cinematography Denis Firstova “collector”. This picture brought victory to the executor and sole main role, Keira Knightley. Actor prize jury headed by Nikolai Lebedev distributed predictably, but deservedly so. Best actress was Natalia Pavlenkova, who plays a woman with a tail in the “Zoology” – it is really the best there is in this picture


The Prize “Kinotavr” -2016 for directing received by Kirill Serebrennikov, who presented in Sochi his “Apprentice” – the film version of his own play “(M) student.” Giving this award is the author of the film festival, which is to become a movie theater production, unless a change of scenery, it seems at least strange. It remains to quote Sergei Garmash, which is said ceremony that never had a director’s ambitions, but “once Wernick decided to write, and I will shoot».



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