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For Sale album Red Hot Chili Peppers «The Getaway» – BBC

Red Hot Chili Peppers, admittedly, it has long been one of those groups, which, in principle, not necessarily to record albums. New records for them only a pretext to start a new tour, but in stadiums around the world is expected of them is not fresh songs, «Give it Away» and «Under The Bridge». Cult status RHCP steadfast, but it is not enough. Musicians seriously claim the laurels of The Rolling Stones new generation and a half decades of struggles hold the attention of music fans and the press to his musical pursuits. Five years ago, the heater could not stand the heart of the band – guitarist John Frusciante left for solo sailing. In his place, John atonement friend named Josh Klinghoffer – popular and relatively young fifty-year fellow session musician and experimenter generalist. By the time when Klinghoffer somehow joined in the, from the output of the previous plate has been five years, and it was time to do a good face regardless of the quality of the game.

The album «I’m With You», presented updated “peppers”, could well be buried in a group of other circumstances. Faded and loosely played a collection of unfinished songs demonstrated that care Frusciante knocked musicians rug out from under their feet. Indisputable rhythm section of Flea and Chad Smith seemed embarrassed own volume, Anthony Kiedis furiously smeared by notes, Klinghoffer seems, generally did not have time to come up with themselves parties. In the ensuing (much more successful than drive) tour

Flea at some point even admitted that Josh, of course, a great guy and even a brother, but without Frusciante compose it turns worse.

out of the crisis, which was marked by the latest plate «The Getaway», was found in two stages. Firstly, the musicians left their long-term producer Rick Rubin, and went into the studio with Brian Burton (Denzher Mouse). The reason is simple: Ruby always said that the group makes sound by itself, but “Pepper” was clearly needed co-author on the role that best retromana Burton would not fit anybody. Second term success is that Klinghoffer overshadowed and at first went Flea and Chad Smith, who found a new rhythmic and compositional solutions. You can see this already in the example of the first single, «Dark Necessities».

The group, which has so far taken on the cause of recall hitched place socks on this record finally stopped young. Actually, the main changes are connected with the recording mood. This is a mature, quite calm on the emotions thing. Kiedis, Flea and Smith stopped shy of age. They have not forgotten the roots of funk, but stopped playing Iggy Pop, trying to imitate the former frenzy.

lack of hustle allowed, in particular, to learn vocalist hit the notes, which is almost never It had happened since the time of the album «Californication», where Kiedis first tried his hand as a weary lyrics

in this case, «The Getaway» -. it is a very diverse record. Here was a place motor funk «Go Robot», lazy balancing act «We Turn Red», progressive compositions for things such as «Goodbye Angels» and the tear-off at a gallop «This Ticonderoga». Finish the album and did almost Space-rock ballad «Dreams of a Samurai». After that we have to state that this is perhaps the best work of RHCP from the time of the album «One Hot Minute», which was released more than twenty years ago -. In 1995.

A comparison is not accidental . Then, too, Frusciante left the group and was replaced briefly held the brilliant guitarist Dave Navarro of friendly great band Jane’s Addiction.

that time, “the peppers’ remembered with some reluctance, reporting that although Dave and great guy, under threat due to a degree of drug and other revelry was not only the fate of the group, but also the life of the musicians themselves. Nevertheless, in this ecstatic state RHCP recorded their, perhaps, the most incredible and inventive album. «The Getaway» in this context – the opposite point roughly in the same paradigm. «One Hot Minute» was the most frenzied work of the group, a new record – the most harmonious and at the same time collected. And just as then, 20 years ago, a group is a question where to go. And for musicians, it seems, that this is the greatest happiness. They are 50 years old, they are again at a crossroads, and a further choice of the road of the unknown tickles the nerves as they and all their listeners.


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