Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Video: Meryl Streep parodied Donald Trump – Russian Newspaper

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Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep parodied in the US presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaking on the stage of one of the theaters in New York City

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Hollywood star paid a characteristic orange tan, clipped invoice stomach and clothed in a business suit with a red tie. Streep even managed semitirovat New York accent eccentric billionaire.

The actress performed the song Mamma Mia! Napara with actress Christine Baranski. The latter, by the way, portrayed Hillary Clinton

Music psevdodebaty were devoted to the theme of courting women -. Known to be very painful for Trump (billionaire many times found himself in the center of controversy because of its neodnaznachnym statements and actions in relation to beauty floor).

For a video performance of the Strip posted on Twitter journalist Jacob Bernstein.

users have indicated “striking similarity” to which Meryl Streep could portray Donald Trump.

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