Tuesday, June 28, 2016

President receives television TEFI-2016 – BBC

The telecentre “Ostankino” concluded award ceremony TEFI television. The two receiving jury awards the winners in two major categories – “Day Live” and “Tonight’s prime”, which in turn are divided into a plurality of genre nominations

The winners in the “TV game” category was the project of the First Channel, “What. ? Where? When?”. He competed with such game shows as “A hundred to one” ( “Russia-1″), “Custom Game” (NTV), “Where is the logic?” (TNT)

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The best “journalistic investigation” admitted the show “Revizorro” channel


Laureate in. category “Morning program” was the project “Morning on the 5″ (channel 5).

The best leading morning program proclaimed Julia Vysotsky ( “Exit studio Julia Vysotsky”, NTV). At the prize they were also nominated host of “Good Morning” on Channel Svetlana Zeynalov and “Morning on the 5 ‘Felix Nevelev and Dasha Alexandrova.

the best series of the jury announced the” Secrets of the investigation “and the best entertainment” heads and tails. »

« Suspended people project “CTC has received the statuette as the best” reality show. ” Competitors were here the project “To survive in the forest” ( “Che”) and “The Bachelor” (TNT).

The best TV project about the sport called “The Way to the east. Fedor Emelianenko “(” Match TV “). In this category also competed “Without insurance” (First Channel) and “Riders. Star Battle “(” Friday »)

As a result of” the Day of ether “competition Taffy largest number of figurines -. Four – took a holding company VGTRK, Channel won in three categories,” Friday “and” Match TV “- in two. Fifth channel, NTV, CTC received a statuette.

The “Day Air” in a total of 14 nominations. The first channel is presented in six categories, VGTRK holding – at 11, NTV – five, REN TV – in one fifth channel – in three, STS – two, “TV Center” – in one of TNT – in three, “Friday “- in five,” Che “- in a” match TV “- in two

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in the category of “Evening prime” “The best information and analysis of the final program” recognized “Central TV” NTV

The best “leading information-analytical summary of the program” this year. – Vadim Takmenev, host of the program “Central television” (NTV). He won Irada Zeynalova ( “Sunday Time” First Channel) and Nicky Strizhak ( “Home”, Channel 5).

In the nomination “Reporter / operator reportage” award was given to Evgeny Poddubny Alexander Pushin and Merob Merobov for the report “Exemption Palmyra” ( “Russia-1″ the VGTRK).

In the competition “the leading news program” won Dmitry Borisov ( “Evening news,” the first channel). He struggled with Sergei Brilev ( “Vesti on Saturday”, “Russia-1″) and Peter Marchenko ( “News”, REN TV).

Ivan Urgant won the TEFI prize in the nomination “Leading entertainment” and his show “Evening Urgant” First channel named best comedy programs.

In the nomination “Humorous program / show” “Evening Urgant” bypassed project “on duty for the country” facing the TV channel “Russia-1″, and the show Comedy Club (TNT).

Earlier it was reported that Ivan Urgant was a finalist TEFI for the highest achievements in the field of television Arts in 2016.

Traditionally, the winners will be awarded a bronze statuette of “Orpheus” by Ernst Unknown.

Russian national television award for the highest achievements in the field of television Arts was established by the Foundation “Academy Russian television “December 21, 1994. Since 2014 the organizer of the Award Committee is industrial television awards.

In recent years, the charter of the award and its role in the life of Russian television has changed radically. It expresses it, in particular, and that the nominees, and accordingly, the laureates became much larger. Now unusually crowded jury consisting exclusively of practitioners television, trying not to circumvent their favor, none of the major television channels, as well as to satisfy the ambitions of the majority of small TV organizations. Prestige Taffy therefore declined slightly, went out and intrigue. This year’s awards ceremony was not broadcast any of the channels.


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