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New clip Kanye West with a naked “Donald Trump” blew up the Internet – Ghhauto: the main Russian news

26.06.2016 00:40

Friday night Kanye West presented a video clip on a track with «The Life Of Pablo» titled «Famous». Party on this occasion was held at the Los Angeles Forum from 7 to 11 pm. There is no doubt that this video – the most provocative of his career in the West at the moment. The live broadcast was carried out on the Tidal service where an exclusive right and in the ideal as you can see the video itself.

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The American rapper Kanye West presented the video for one of his songs, which immediately recognized the provocative and inappropriate. The video artist and producer depicted naked wax figures of famous people. The indignation aroused audience figure of Donald Trump, one of the leading candidates for the presidency powers.

I have not ignored the singer and his own wife – one of wax dolls made in the form of Kim Kardashian. Incidentally, it is also engaged in politics and ran for president of the party, Hillary Clinton, the main rival Trump.

It is possible, the demonstration of the stars in the form of improper West expressed frustration because of the failed policy of their own career, because earlier he was going to also become president of America. He said this in a television broadcast, saying that the decision to “something smoked.” Due to the latest update the audience did not take seriously the words of Kanye

By the way, Kanye Omari West -. American rapper, producer and designer. He released his debut album The College Dropout in 2004, the second album Late Registration – in 2005, the third – Graduation – in 2007, the fourth – 808s & amp; Heartbreak – in 2008, the fifth – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – in 2010, the sixth – Yeezus – in 2013, the seventh – The Life of Pablo – in 2016

In addition to solo. work, recorded in 2011 with rapper Jay-Z collaborative album Watch the Throne, and was one of the artists on the compilation Cruel Summer. West has won many awards (including twenty-one prize “Grammy”), critical acclaim and commercial success. West also launched his own record label GOOD Music. Not once recognized the most stylish man of the planet according to the magazine GQ readers. Mascot and trademark is a teddy bear West, whose image appeared on the covers of his three albums, as well as on the cover of «Stronger» singles. The fifth disc artist My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was recognized by GQ magazine’s best album of the 21st century, it has become a favorite of music critics and earned the highest score of famous magazines and websites, such as Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Pitchfork. Currently married to Kim Kardashian.


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