Saturday, June 25, 2016

«Famous» goods: Kanye West once again proves that he is more than a celebrity – Rolling Stone

in Friday night Kanye West presented the music video for his track with «The Life Of Pablo» called «Famous». Party on this occasion was held at the los Angeles Forum from 7 to 11 pm. There is no doubt that this video – the most provocative of his career in the West at the moment. The live broadcast was carried out on the Tidal service where an exclusive right and in the ideal as you can see the video itself,

Peninsula Kim: Almost real world Kim Kardashian

The source of inspiration – a picture of Vincent Desiderio “. Dream “, and the video shows a voyeuristic look at the consequences of an orgy, in which West and Kardashian are surrounded by sleeping twins friends (Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, whose relationship collapsed in the sights of the paparazzi cameras), family (Caitlyn Jenner), former lovers (Ray J Amber Rose), representatives of the fashion industry (Anna Wintour) and simply controversial figures of American politics and show business (Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, George W. Bush).

Finally, next to the West in the bed is naked “Taylor Swift”. Digital copies celebrities eliminated the need for the participation of Taylor and Company in the shooting process, but thanks to the video has an unwitting participants in the video “because you’re popular.” West in the company of his wife Kardashian attended the event, talked a little with the public, but did not speak. “I say thank you to all of you and my wife. You support my ideas and truth, – the rapper before the show. – I have to you just one question – whether to continue me in the same spirit? “. In addition, according to the Billboard, the event featured the Tu-Cheynz, Travis Scott and Game.

Here you can get a little more than a brief idea about the video «Famous»


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